03 January 2009

early morning rainbow

early morning rainbow
Originally uploaded by Ilikethenight
This is a spectacular photograph! I imagine the person who took it was simply in awe when that beautiful sight showed itself.
Things such as this Rainbow are so fleeting that we have to be on the lookout at all times or we miss them. Imagine not seeing something this wonderful in your whole life.

It breaks my heart to think of all the wonderful sights and events I have missed in my life because I was not paying attention to what was important. I have been racing toward that one day when I would finally 'be happy', have money etc. Some of you may know what I mean.

But now at my age, I am learning that one needs to be happy now, in this moment. There may not be another day for me, this could be the last for what ever reason. What a shame if I do not stop now and look for the beauty in this now moment.

Life is what we make it from what I hear. I think it is a truth but I also feel that we can always change the life we have. Sometimes I get so tired of how things are going that I lean towards complaining, when instead I should be thanking God for each thing I have in my life including the pain.

I am so far having a good year ;-p, here we are three days into 09 and I have been continuing in my self awareness journey. I am so thankful for so much, but I continue to stumble. Will I ever get to that place where I no longer fail to do what I know is right? I hope so.

I have been learning lately that our first response to any situation should always be the right one, if some one yells at you and calls you names instead of reacting back forgive and forget ( this one is hard) and I have also been learning about leaning on God in Faith.

Faith is a beautiful thing given freely to us so that when we are messing up or feeling so bad inside we want to curl up under a rock we can use that faith to hope on the good things God wants to give us.

It has taken me the better part of the last 7 years to learn this, it was a hard journey believe me. I am still so new to this all. I made a big mistake today, did something I should not have. The right choice should have come up automatically and instead I fell back on old behavior. I have some stuff I need to work out between God and I, and I know He is so good to forgive me. It is the forgiving myself and learning to not feel so ashamed that is hard.

I hope you enjoy the photograph. The rainbow has traditionally meant a promise to mankind from God. I am leaning on that very promise, on all the promises in the bible , without them I am lost.

I thank God for his goodness in my life.


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