03 December 2008

The Jericho Fans ~ Dedication and Hard Work

Yesterday in a newspaper from out west ( which will remain unnamed here as it does not rate any of my blog real estate), I read what had to be the worst example of journalism ever, and yes you all know me.... it got my goat, hell it got the whole damn farm.

Seems that this man and a scant few others feel it is their duty to come out and declare the insanity of the Jericho and Moonlight Fans because we to go that extra mile in the face of adversity. This attitude of ours is strange to these people, the idea of working and not accepting no.

What we, (who are of my age bracket) were raised to believe and affect in our lives no longer seems to be attractive to some people. Fortitude I believe is the word my folks used to say.

Imagine for a moment if the very battle that was portrayed in Jericho at the end of Season 1 went like this........

Nazi Soldiers to Gen MacAuliffe ~

Give up you darned Americans! We have you surrounded, you are going to freeze. It is snowing, it is Christmas. Give up and we will let you live.

Gen. MacAuliffe to Nazi Soldiers -

Oh, you are so right. I will freeze if I sit here, my men will never make it. We can not beat you, you surround us.

Ummm, nope. Not the way the Battle of Bulge went. NUTS! That was Gen MacAuliffe's response to that.

Just imagine if you will, if NASA had said back in the late 50's... "go to the Moon? You have to be nuts! Just imagine if you will, if we had said after any number of events that seemingly took us to a place that seemed to be the end of us, and we had just sat down and said ... I quit, it is too hard, my foe is too big, the problem too much to right.

Maybe Jericho will not make it back on the air again for a Season 3, I do not know. I do know this though, through out the last year I have learned to take on face to face any foe, any problem no matter the size, no matter how the event looks like it will end. I will always be able to say I tried until I could no longer justify trying.

The fans of Jericho and Moonlight are far to dedicated to quit. They see hard work as a vacation, and do that work with a smile.

They eat nails for breakfast too, so all you naysayers better watch out!

To the gentleman who wrote that hack of an article, you had your laugh but you also did us a favor. You ticked us ( me specifically) off. Now I am going to try that much harder, for that much longer. I will not say Uncle until I hear from the Powers That Be that I must lay down my efforts.

You might as well pile your paper that contained that article you wrote and set it on fire sir, for all the good it did you.

To the Jericho Fans near and far, this is Jericho's Kystorms speaking to you from the Free Zone... keep on keeping on until we see the whites of their eyes................

Remember the places you can get together with other fans, JerichoNet2.com, SaveJerichoAgain.com The CW Forums, RadioFreeJericho.com, JerichoRalleyPoint, here.

This is what we fight for


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