02 December 2008

Jercho ~ Pilot Episode

So... what did ya think? I know you watched, how could you not have? Wait, you say you missed it on Sunday evening??? No!! Okay, wait one second, I can help you out. You can go to Youtube and watch the episode right online!
Now that will get you caught up, but you have to remember to be in your seat next Sunday, ya hear? We need to have the viewers counted so that the CW will know we were there watching the show. And that means YOU , Nielsen Families. You have a chance to see what we all were working so darned hard for all this last 18 months! What we still work for!
And did you know that we have a TV AD running? Well if you read here you do know, but just in case check it out ~

That darling voice you hear is none other than my Brad ( yes, you will learn that around these parts I do in fact refer to him as mine..... long standing feuds have been waged and lost by some, but if you feel you are up to the challenge then come and show why you are Brad Beyer's best and biggest fan! I would love to hear about it.

We need to get the word out to the fans who may have left the fold to come on back, grab a seat and hang out with the rest of us to watch Jericho from start to well, I am not saying that next word.
I would have embedded the show, but CBS still will not allow it. So go the link I gave up top and watch, but remember we need you to be a live viewer okay?

Tomorrow is Wednesday, which marks the first official redo of the episode recaps here, I hope you can join me and even add a recap of your own as well get into gear with the show.

One thing, wasn't it so great to see our Jericho Family again on the TV? I was so floored that the same feelings of excitement that I felt on the original airing was present on Sunday. I had expected to be a bit jaded because I have watched so many times, so this was a great feeling to have back.
To see Mayor Green giving the crowd reasons to trust him in the middle of this horror was heartwarming. I will always miss his presence on the show.
Okay, I am off to get the kids fed and a nice rest on the couch being a potato for tonight. I deserve it.

hugs to all, see you tomorrow.


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