23 December 2008

JEBS - View Stats Letter to Executives Dec 23rd 2008

From Jebs ~ View Stats Letter to Executives

December 22, 2008

Ms. Nancy Tellem

CBS Paramount Network Television

4024 Radford Avenue

Studio City, CA 91604

Dear Ms. Tellem:

As part of our marketing efforts to help find a new home for Jericho we have been following trends on several platforms. On November 8, 2008 we started our advertising campaign to get the word out about Jericho and started posting links to CBS Playlist for Season 1 episodes on Youtube. We placed the information including the link on Face Book and Myspace to AOL and Yahoo to Veoh and SciFi. In addition, we targeted college and university boards, community boards and local cable boards. Since November 8th we have seen the Youtube numbers climb from 1,000 to over a million by December 12, 2008.

As you may know we launched the fan made TV ad on UHD channel which is running 7 days a week during the month of December 2008. We had previously run it on Time-Warner Cable in LA in June and again in September of 2008. Currently UHD is showing Jericho 4 to 5 times a week including Saturday nights.

The UHD Community Board continues to grow in activity having gone from 8,000 posts in November 2008 to almost 16,000 as of December 20, 2008. We have put together a basic report of the metrics we have been following for the past 6 weeks.

Youtube viewes of Season 1 episodes 1,100,000 as of December 20, 2008:

* Netflix, Jericho has climbed and is now in the top 40 rentals on Netflix
* UHD Posts 15,500 as of December 20, 2008 up from 8,000 on November 14, 2008.
* http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=D9B106198C36985E CBS Playlist-Youtube
* http://boards.nbcuni.com/universalHD/index.php?s=3622c102df401cc740a7f2b6244fc396&showforum=29 UHD-Jericho Community Board
* http://www.savejerichoagain.com/ Save Jericho Again Website-includes link Television Commercial made and paid for by Jericho Fans currently running on UHD Channel

Barney Murphree

Braintree, MA

As part of our marketing plan, we took the link to the CBS Youtube playlist for Jericho Season 1 episodes and posted them with a message on Community and College and University Boards at AOL, TVGuide.com, Yahoo, Myspace, Face Book over 300 more. Our original goal was to have 50,000 views by December 31st. It is now at 1,100,000 and climbing.

Many have identified a problem with the view meters as the first 15 episodes exclusive of Black Jack views are in the tens of thousands while the last 6 episodes are in the low thousands. Also Black Jack is showing as private so most just skip it and it needs to be replaced with a public version. We have tried to contact Youtube and CBS Interactive about the problems but do not have direct contacts. Both need to be corrected to get a proper count on the numbers of people viewing Jericho episodes.

As you can see viewing of Youtube episodes continues to increase. There has been a slow done on the number of views since December 12th partly due to the sever storms and power outages and people are busy with the holiday season. In addition, many of the places we posted were at colleges and colleges are out for the Christmas break.

Another metric we are looking at is the number of people who are active and posting at the UHD Community Board. Activity has increased since CBS decided to let their Community Board expire in November of 2008. Activity has almost doubled in the past 5 weeks.

The ratings have been consistent and still are out performing the original programming the Capital media was broadcasting in the weeks prior to putting Jericho back on the air. Jericho is still getting over 1.1 million viewers even though there has been overlap of NFL games each week, severe weather though-out the country and it is running during the Holiday season.

Several fans subscribe to Netflix and based on their reports we have been tracking Jericho on demand orders since November 26, 2008. Netflix claims to offer over 12,000 movies and television series episodes and Jericho is now in the top 40.


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