13 December 2008

JEBS System Message For Decemeber 13th 2008

JEBS System Message for December 13th 2008 ~

Ranger Rallies

UHD Ranger Rally
Saturday, December 13th
8 p.m. Eastern

The CW Ranger Rally
Sunday, December 14th
7 p.m. Eastern (some also post at 7 p.m. Pacific)

Operation Phoenix Update 12/12

Hello Fellow Rangers,

Happy Friday we head into week 3 on the CW with some good news. The UHD TV AD finally hit the airwaves on 12/11/08. Thanks to RP, Welcome, Nightshade, K6, NorsU and the countless Rangers behind the scenes and those who contributed with their money and time. We started back in August but it was worth the wait. I hope to get a chance to see it some day on HD. Hopefully will get next weeks Flight schedule tomorrow.

As I mentioned back in November this is a fight that deals with one thing numbers and plenty of them. We are being measured so we need to give them the numbers. Things do add up so we need everyone to get the word out and have everyone in front of their televisions this Sunday night to watch episode 3, Four Horseman.

So Far the numbers:

Youtube-1,075,000 as of 12/11/08 we started at 1,000 on November 8

UHD Board --14,000 posts - on 11/14/08 we were at 8,000

Ratings (Nielsen) 11/30/08-Pilot-1.25 million, 12/7/08-Fall Out, 1.13 million

* goal to get back viewers we lost from week 1.

Sunday following the Broadcast make sure you hit both Feedback Forms. Both CBS and CW now include Jericho in drop down box. Make sure to forward the Feedback form to anyone and everyone.

CW Feedback Form http://cwtv.com/feedback/comments

CBS Feedback Form http://www.cbs.com/info/user_services/fb_global_form.php

Link to all CW Affiliates in the US-leave feedback at you local CW station as well. Thank them for putting Jericho back on.-new addition


Letters and Cards out on Monday

Ms. Bonnie Hammer
President USA and Sci Fi Networks
NBC Universal Inc.
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, New York 10112

Ms. Nancy Tellem
CBS Paramount Network Television
4024 Radford Avenue
Studio City, CA 91604

Remember to post Youtube Link wherever you think people will see it. Views up over 1,075,000 as of 12/11/08 the more old and new people we get watching the better.


We make our own choices and forge our own Destiny

Another quote from Bill S.

"The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars,
But in ourselves, that we are underlings."


UHD Ad Schedule 12/15 -- 12/21

NBC Universal Entertainment Spot Placement by Line, Date, Time

From: 12/15/08 To: 12/21/08

Spot ID/ Date/ Day/ Schedule Time/ Length/ Brand Type

Line: 2 Universal HI M -F 15W 08:00:00 a -07:00:00 p $25.00 Time Buy

5658114 12/15/08 M Regular 08:37:04 a :30 ThelerichoFanCo RDR

5658112 12/15/08 M Regular 10:06:25 a :30 ThelerichoFanCo RDR

5658113 12/15/08 M Regular 05:48:07 p :30 ThelerichoFanCo RDR

5658117 12/16/08 T Regular 02: 17:35 p :30 ThelerichoFanCo RDR

5658116 12/16/08 T Regular 03: 18:05 p :30 ThelerichoFanCo RDR

5658115 12/16/08 T Regular 04: 14:08 p :30 ThelerichoFanCo RDR

5658118 12/17/08 W Regular 09:55:05 a :30 ThelerichoFanCo RDR

5658119 12/17/08 W Regular 03:37:36p :30 ThelerichoFanCo RDR

5658120 12/17/08 W Regular 05:00:08p :30 ThelerichoFanCo RDR

5658121 12/18/08 Th Regular 03: 11: 12 p :30 ThelerichoFanCo RDR

5658122 12/18/08 Th Regular 04:20:30 p :30 ThelerichoFanCo RDR

5658123 12/18/08 Th Regular 06:20:42 p :30 ThelerichoFanCo RDR

5658126 12/19/08 F Regular 10:35:35 a :30 ThelerichoFanCo RDR

5658125 12/19/08 F Regular 11:22:35 a :30 ThelerichoFanCo RDR

5658124 12/19/08 F Regular 12:40:24 p :30 ThelerichoFanCo RDR

Number of Spots: 15 Billable: $375.00

Line: 3 Universal HI Sa,Su 6W 07:00:00 p -11:00:00 p $40.00 Time Buy

5658156 12/20/08 Sa Regular 07: 12:46 p :30 ThelerichoFanCo RDR

5658157 12/20/08 Sa Regular 08:05:23 p :30 ThelerichoFanCo RDR

5658159 12/20/08 Sa Regular 10:20:32 p :30 ThelerichoFanCo RDR

5658158 12/21/08 Su Regular 09:20:27 p :30 ThelerichoFanCo RDR

5658155 12/21/08 Su Regular 10:09:30 p :30 ThelerichoFanCo RDR

5658160 12/21/08 Su Regular 10:49:58 p :30 ThelerichoFanCo RDR

Number of Spots: 6 Billable: $240.00

Total Number of Spots: 21 Total Billable: $615.00

You Tube Jericho Viewing

As many of you have noted, there has been an abrupt slowdown of views being counted on youtube. The source of this issue hasn't yet been determined.

It could be weather, storm, technical issues.
It could be other reasons unknown to us.

I am not trying to be blind here, honestly,...but we have no choice but to act and to proceed no matter what is thrown up in our faces. It is our persistence that has gotten the attention of so many.

What we do know is that we want Jericho episodes to continue to be counted and counted fairly.

So, for the good of Jericho and the Rangers let's consider taking action. No matter the source, we will just go do something about it.


1) Email CBS and politely aim to let them know that your view of a particular episode (or episodes) is/are not being counted at this time. No one can argue with the fact that you watched and your view wasn't counted. Not sure of how all this works but it would appear that both the sponsors and CBS are receiving revenue for these views...their revenue will be plummeting. For that reason alone one would think that CBS should be interested. If their sponsors get paid by CBS but CBS recieves no revenue from youtube views...bad deal for them.

You can contact CBS Interactive Advertising Feedback:
For providing us feedback on specific ads you have seen, please send an e-mail to advertisingfeedback@cnet.com. Please include useful details such as the name of the advertiser and the URL of the page where you saw the ad.

or e-mail:

CBS Feedback Form http://www.cbs.com/info/user_services/fb_global_form.php

2) If anyone has inside contacts or a way to email Youtube please share it with us so we can also then let Youtube know that your views of Jericho today have not been counted. I will post it here. Again, we'll keep this contact Ranger-like and polite or professional. That is what the rangers are known for...or if not, it gives us a chance to prove it to Youtube as well.

3) We can also email the sponsors to let them know that you are still watching Jericho on youtube and will support their product...but that the views aren't being counted.

4) Let everyone on those sites (Facebook etc.) that you emailed know that their views are not be being counted and for them to politely let CBS and youtube know.

Every obstacle is a further chance to prove to the world what Rangers are made of.

We won't be deterred but will be professional, polite but persistent.

Our show and our views must be counted somehow. We still have ways and means to reach out to the sponsors and the networks so let's use them for Jericho.

Hang in there Rangers. This is Jericho in the RW.


From the Jericho Telegraph

"Jericho: Two-Minute Drills" - Written by Eric Jacobson; CBS

Link to source article: http://www.variety.com/awardcentral_article/VR1117997024.html?nav=news&categoryid=1983&cs=1


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