06 December 2008

JEBS Announcement ~ Week of December 6th 2008

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From Ratkeeper:

Blackjack Fairgrounds

December Edition of Blackjack Fairgrounds - Holidays in Jericho.


From Redsox:

UHD Ad update

Just a quick update. The UHD TV commercial is back on. Rubberpoultry was able to send the commercial digitally to USA studios yesterday. They made a new HD tape and it was sent out this morning FedEx from Manhattan to UHD NJ where they broadcast from. Hopefully I will have new flight schedule for an early next week start.

Youtube viewers are now over 450,000 when we started on November 8 they were below 1,000

UHD Board up to 12,600 posts and climbing. Need to get the word out over the weekend and then see what Monday's ratings report brings us. We need an increase no matter how small to build on.

From Redsox:

Community Bulletin Board Posting

Dawn, and I have been revisiting the places we went in early November and I have added to our post to include the CW information. She had some good response from people at tvguide.com http://tvguide.com/ who thanked her for letting them know Jericho was back on.

We could use your help so anyone who can help feel free to contact your local cable company or local newspaper and post to the TV or community blog.

Message to post:

Just wanted all of you to know that CBS has put Jericho on YouTube. It's the first CBS series to be released this way.

Jericho is an alternate future story of what happens when America is attacked and the government crumbles. The people of the small town of Jericho must deal with the unthinkable and find a way to survive. Jericho shows how people rise to the challenges around them, and in today's world their story is inspiring. Come check out this great series that was too good for commercial television, but is watched by millions worldwide via the internet.


http://uk.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=D9B106198C36985E (for outside US)

You are also invited to come join the Jericho community at UniversalHD (UHD) which is currently airing Jericho :


On November 20, 2008 CBS Paramount and the CW Network announced that starting on Sunday night, November 30, 2008 at 7:00pm EST, that Jericho would start running all 29 of the Season 1 and Season 2 episodes in order from the pilot to the Season 2 finale Patriots and Tyrants.

Please let everyone know that Jericho is now showing on the CW and for those who have UHD (NBC's HD cable channel) you can watch Jericho during the week at 10:00am and on Saturday Nights at 9:00pm EST.

CW Board-Lounge: http://lounge.cwtv.com/forumdisplay.php?f=4


From Redsox:

Operation Phoenix Update

Happy Friday Rangers. 2 Days left until episode 2 Fallout is shown at 7:00pm on the CW.

As I have said since early November this last fight is about the numbers. We have 29 shots (29 episodes) to get the Nielsen numbers up.

I had set several goals last week:

*Youtube views at 400,000 by January 31, 2009 Accomplished - we are at 430,000 and climbing as of today.

*UHD Board-14,000 posts by January 31, 2009 - we are at 12,650 as of today

*Nielsen numbers 2 million by December 29, 2008 - last week we had 1.25 million which was an 80% improvement over the show it replaced.

We need to see the numbers improve to make a statement and get executives to take notice. It is imperative that everyone complete the feed back forms every Sunday night and get their letters out to Nancy Tellem at CBS and Bonnie Hammer on Monday morning.

CW Feedback Form: http://cwtv.com/feedback/comments

CBS Feedback Form: http://www.cbs.com/info/user_services/fb_global_form.php

We are going to get the numbers up and we going to be heard by the executives. We need every ranger to add their respective talents for the push for viewers.

From NorsU:

Next UHD Jericho Ranger Rallies at UHD and The CW!

Saturday at 8:00 EST -- UHD Ranger Rally


Check in and watch on UHD, pop in a DVD or just post along and talk about all things Jericho. This week's episode is Four Horsemen.

*Saturday, Dec 06

* 8:00 PM


* Sunday, Dec 07

* 12:00 AM


Ranger Rally at The CW, Sunday at 8:00 EST


Check in and watch on CW, and post along and talk about all things Jericho. This week's episode is Fallout.

*Sunday, Dec 07

* 7:00 PM


From NorsU:

The CW adds Jericho Info

The CW has a Jericho section: http://www.cwtv.com/shows/jericho

The CW's ad for Jericho: http://www.cwtv.com/cw-video/more-video/short/?play=467-4883


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