19 November 2008

Update on JerichoRises.com Status ~ Gone Again

JerichoRises.com is ONCE again unavailable to it's users. And what strikes me as funny as all get out is that once again instead of just posting a messages, "hey Jericho Fans, we are at that place where we have to say goodnight and goodbye. You all have been great, the best fans any Network could ask for, you have toiled well past what is righteously expected of a fan base, you have shown loyalty in the face of absolute disrespect and kept coming back to the web site. You have provided us so many Google hits that it is astounding, big Kudos for that!"

Oh no... no message for the forum users was posted. And we would have been insane to have expected that. The very definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results. That is how I have been feeling for months concerning the boards, Jericho itself and my participation in this whole event.

I still love the show, but the show as it stands now no longer exists except on the DVD's we all bought to support the show ( no, wait... that was done to support our troops, CBS gained as a result of that) and since the show no longer exists except in our hearts and minds, in our relationships we have built with each other, there is no reason to mourn the boards demise.

The only group that has lost anything is CBS, they lost you; the very best people and fans of a show that could have existed. You were a lighting strike, you the fans were that once in a million flash of genius, you the fans were history making Goliaths. And you still are, keep on hitting the UHD boards that is now the meeting place for the fans of the show.

Here is where the boards are located ~ and this page lets you register if you have not already * trust me , easy as pie and only took five seconds!* You then get an email to confirm you are actually doing this registration ( you know the drill by now right?) and then your a part of the UHD community and can go to the Jericho Forums and get into the fray with the rest of the rowdy Jericho Nuts.

They are displaced but not down :-) and they certainly are an industrious bunch, there are tv spots, videos made, promotions galore all done by these fans of a show about communities surviving a tragic event. The fans of Jericho are a gift to who ever is smart enough to pick up Jericho as a show...... and CBS this loss is all yours.

I know some may think it is ungrateful of me to speak so to CBS but as I have grown in this whole affair I have watched some fraction of CBS take down not only a couple of great shows with a fan base to die for ( yes, Moonlight fans, I do not forget how you out did us Jericho fans a few times just in decorum and I salute you all.) Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face CBS... you threw out a gold mine.

Okay, that is it for now. I could go on and on but that will get us no where. On to UHD, lets give them our love and attention now, and see how much they appreciate their customers. And please, remember... no matter the outcome of this whole affair of the last year and a half we got the better part of the whole thing, we got each other! No one can ever take that away from us, nor the memories we built together.

That my friends is priceless.


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