14 November 2008

Thinking of Blogging For Income?

I am sure by now that my readers have noticed that I do paid blog reviews on this blog and I am also sure some people wonder why I do it, well I will try to let you see my reasons tonight.
In these economic times work of any kind is a blessing, and that includes blogging for money.
To be able to stay at home with my children is also a huge blessing, I do not have to worry about child care and the costs that go along with that, both mental and monetary.

I also love that I get to talk about different products and do reviews of new websites, the things I get to see, to learn about is awesome. For me blog advertising is no different that any other advertising, such as air time during a television show or on the radio. Many blogger's are doing it now and this just is a new avenue of transporting the products to potential buyers.

I do not just accept posts on the basis of money, there have been many times where I have turned down posts based on the topic or issues, and I always try to make sure that I have either had an interest in the topic or even been exposed to the product at some point in my life. I do not simply write a post and lie, and I think my fellow bloggers are of the same mind on this.
Some people feel that advertising on blogs has in some way sullied the nature of blogging as if this medium some how much remain pure. I think these people have never had a firm idea of how blogging would evolve. The idea that blogs are not broadcasting information in the same way as a radio or television is redicoulous, media is media. Is the National Football Association bad because they allow ad spots to be sold on the Super Bowl for 1 million dollars per 30 second spot? NO!

To new blogger's who are weighing the idea of whether or not to get paid to blog I say, go for it. Blogging for pay is both rewarding and fun, you get to see new places, new businesses, and some times even find things that you really need in your life that you would never have found otherwise. You are helping services to be discovered, to get exposure they otherwise could not get, especially if they are a smaller business without the large advertising budget of say, CBS.

I will continue this venture for obvious reasons, it helps me support my family and it also gives me a sense of worth. I also will continue to do it because it is just good fun, and today we all need to be happy at our work, right?


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