24 November 2008

Message From RedSox and Information about Canadian Fans & The CW

There are some things to be done Jericho Fans concerning The CW and UHD, so I am posting a few things to get this week started correctly ~

From RedSox ~

I just wanted to take a few minutes to reflect on where we have been and where we are going.

When Jericho first aired on CBS on September 20, 2006, it was this first show in a long time that many including myself had watched on commercial television. In conjunction with the launch of this new and innovative television show CBS designed and built a Internet platform that has grown into the Jericho Community that we know today.

When the official announcement of the shows cancellation came on May 16, 2007, we all remember how mad and hurt we were. Thanks to Schumi, Shaun and other’s who had prepared in advance, we were organized and had one goal to lobby CBS night and day with no mercy. They were the target and because of that many of the things we did had an immediate impact.

The same Internet Community that they had helped design and build actually came back to bite them, as we used the Internet, the CBS Board and other Boards as our means of communicating with people all over the US and throughout the globe. CBS was not prepared and as such we were able to overwhelm them in a short period of time culminating in the Nuts deliveries to CBS in New York and Los Angeles.

We all remember where we were on June 5, 2007 when Nina posted to the CBS Board that CBS had changed their minds and rescind the cancellation. We celebrated and we should have, many remember tuning into Shaun’s show that night and it was an unbelievable feeling.

When we got the word of the second cancellation Shaun had posted that the second campaign was going to be a much longer process and that we needed to change tactics. We needed to write letters and cards to show the Producers, CBS Paramount and other interested parties that there was an audience, customers who wanted the show to continue.

As time went by people became frustrated and as such many wanted to recapture the spirit of the Nuts Campaign and to find some silver bullet that could be fired at CBS/Paramount this time to change their minds again.

As a result the Fans raised over $30,000 and did the ads in Variety and Hollywood, reporter, Jeff and Mary got the Bill Board up in LA, General Patton, Welcome and Rubber Poultry put together the TV Ad Campaign which culminated in the TV ad hitting Time Warner Cable in LA twice, in June and again in September of 2008.

This past week after 3 months of problems including union issues, conversion of the tape to HD, and other legal issues we will be getting the TV AD on the UHD (Universal HD) channel which is a national cable channel.

Where we are today~

With the announcement this past Thursday that the CW is going to put Jericho back on Network Television starting November 30, 2008 at 7:00pm EST, we have been give an unbelievable gift.

We need to remember that in the end Nielsen numbers and feed back are the only numbers that will matter.

TV AD’s , sending nuts, putting up billboards are not going to help.

*emphasis, mine*

I think we need to concentrate on getting people to watch the show on the CW and we are already doing that with the launch of Operation Phoenix. That being said the most realistic goal right now is to deliver numbers in Nielsen’s and feed back through the feedback form and letters to make a business case argument for a television movie (either 2 hour or 2 part).

As we have seen Shaun, was very prophetic when he said this was going to be a long campaign. Many have left over time as the weeks and months dragged on with no word from any one directly connected to the show.

The problem as I see it is that it took only 5 weeks to convince CBS to put the show back on the air. When we got the press release from Nina and CBS (yes they never posted to us on the CBS Board) on March 20, 2008, many thought that if we used the same old tactics that they would change their minds again. People in general do not have patience to stick with something when it looks like it is not going to happen.

Many people had given up hope that the show would come back in any form and I can tell you that as recent as last week I was starting have doubts as well.

We all need to remember that the writers, producers, actors and crew are like us, they have families, bills and careers they want to pursue. They all want to continue Jericho but are also working on immediate projects. Many of them are jaded by the business they are in, having had shows cancelled or movie deals fall through, as such they need to take a pragmatic approach to the shows status and so should we.

As I outlined in the Operation Phoenix thread on UHD, I think we need to concentrate on getting a TV movie made first. We can accomplish this by simply letting people know the show is on the CW Sunday nights and the time it is playing in your local area. Using Face Book, My Space, Craig’s List, Yahoo and Google are good ways to get the word out that it is back on the air.

We should be cognizant of people’s perception of Jericho Fans. This came up with Nightshade and I during our conversations and negotiations with NBC Universal executives, some liked Jericho but many were cool, not so much because of the show but because of perception of Jericho Fans being rabid at times and only remembering the Nuts campaign.

I really think we all need to lead by example, let’s not spam other Board, especially the CW if we get up and running. Just staying within our own community and being respectful to one another, writing to Bonnie at NBC and Nancy at Paramount every Monday and to Dawn at CW and Ms Rudnay at Comcast on Thursday’s. Also each Monday we make sure we complete the CW and CBS feedback form.

Also when we go out and post flyers, posters, signs we should do it in areas and in the manner as prescribed, ie. At the supermarket or on car windshields, as others would post.

A good friend of mine reminded me yesterday that business decision on outlaying capital take months even several years in some cases and television is no different. Yes television is changing, cable and on demand has taken a larger chunk of programming and as a result advertising dollars from the Big Three networks.

We need to prepare ourselves that it may take the entire 29 week run of solid numbers to get a movie made for Television and maybe another year to get the possibility of Season 3 but we have a real chance now. Jericho is owned by CBS Paramount but there is also involvement with the Junction Production Company and Media

In the end as I stated in my post on CBS regarding NBC Universal and in my letter to Bonnie Hammer we need to make a business argument that there are enough people out here willing to watch a Jericho movie and a season 3. We do that by delivering traditional numbers to them, Nielsen, Feedback forms, letters and cards. All of those things will stand out and will give the money and numbers people at CBS, Paramount, Comcast, NBC Universal and possibly an unknown player(s) something to think about.

One of things that Carol said to us after the first campaign was how impressed CBS was with us being classy, polite and courteous. We need to get that back to basics and remember we are trying to communicate with individuals at the networks and want to convince them that we are a real community and are customers looking for a good product they will look at it seriously. If the number ad up and they can make money then they will take a serious look.

We have this last chance at getting someone to continue the Jericho story and if we all work together we will see a new Jericho product, movie, TV mini series or even down the road a Season 3.

Just my 2 cents
On the topic of Operation Phoenix ~ That will also be posted here this afternoon, for now please click the words in Redsox post about that will take you right to his post on UHD Jericho Forums !

And concerning the Canadian Fans of Jericho, we have need of your help as well!!!!

List of American CW affiliates Broadcasting into Canada on airwaves and on cable/direct TV.

The CW 23-WNLO-Buffalo NY-http://www.cw23.com/
Toronto/Niagara Falls Ontario Area

The CW- Watertown, New York-http://www.yourcwtv.com/
partners/Watertown/- Ottawa, Ontario/Quebec

The CW 50-WKPD-Detroit, MI -http://cw50detroit.com/
Windsor area

The CW 11-KSTW-Seattle, WA- http://kstw.com/
Vancouver area

Fox 44-Burlington, VT-WFFF- http://www.fox44.net/

The CW 6-Fargo, North Dakota -http://www.yourcwtv.com/

The CW-Great Falls, Montana-http://www.yourcwtv.com/

The CW 5-Bangor, Maine-http://www.wabi.tv/content/4031/cw/
New Brunswick/Nova Scotia

KREM 2, Spokane, WA-http://www.krem.com/
British Columbia/Alberta

The CW-Duluth/Superior, Minnesota-http://www.northlandcw.com
LinkWestern Ontario

The CW-Juneau, Alaska-http://www.yourcwtv.com/-
Yukon Territory

The CW-Anchorage, Alaska-http://www.yourcwtv.com/
Yukon Territory

That is a partial list of CW stations, I will upon request place any other information and listings that need to be posted for the fans so that we can all participate in helping Jericho!


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