28 November 2008

Jericho ~ 50 Hours and Counting

So here is the screen shot of my CW ( Lexington Kentucky, WKYT) showing Jericho on the Air again...

It is super sweet to see that name on the page again. I have had some people email me and tell me I am pretty insane and a bit unbalanced because I am still going nuts over Jericho. Maybe they are right, I guess that is up to you all to decide.

I am just going to have some fun with it like I did in the beginning, when I was so excited to sit down each week, watch the new episodes , write about it afterwards and then visit other fans on their websites to see what they thought.

I have seriously tried to get into another show like I did Jericho, and blog the show as I do here. I came very close with Sons of Anarchy, I almost felt that old urge to get into the story line deep, and then write about it after. I made the blog , tried to be creative with that as well as really thorough with my page construction. I had just about all you could think of on the site.
So why am I not still blogging it? Long story short.... as much as I am blown away by the writers and the story line, I can not be part of something that is so ugly, so detached from human love. I realize the show is just a show... but I also know for a fact that this stuff on SoA, really happens more than people realize.

With Jericho I came away feeling safe, no matter the troubles the story line depicted and the characters had to suffer and deal with, they worked it out together the best they could with no hatred in their hearts. There were no soap opera antics to deal with, no 'I will get you you so and so' ( unless you count Phil C of course). There were no mind games, not by the towns people.

Jericho is what I wish all shows were, a good warm safe place to come each week and visit with old friends.

I miss seeing that on the screen, I really do. And now I get to see that again right along side all the other Jericho fans, new and old.

Sunday can not get here soon enough


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