26 April 2008

Nielsen to Protect US from Terrorism? God Help Us!

Nielsen Shifts From Counter Programming To Counter Terrorism - * link here to article*

Now, if this company ( term used loosely) can;t manage to report correct numbers for TV Viewership, what in the world makes the US Government think for a nanosecond that they can accurately report on terrorist activity such as "disease plume tracking"!!! If I am going to be told to rely on them for my children's safety in such a event, you can bet I will be running the other way from the direction they point us in!
"You may think lives depend on television ratings, but trust me, in disease plume stuff, they really are at stake," Mandel quipped.

Admittedly, I am no expert in the matters of Terrorism, but I do know that the art of number crunching, data import/export and actual research is a very important matter, ususally done by people who have many degrees. I don't think any of those degrees are used on Madison Ave... but maybe I am wrong?

And WTH? They have aquired a company that reads brainwaves??? Oh my , we are in trouble now.
Mandel, a former top Madison Avenue media honcho before joining Nielsen, cited Nielsen's recently acquired NeuroFocus unit, a Berkley, Calif.-based company that measures brainwave activity and biometrics who reveal how people reacted physiologically to marketing and media content.
Mandel said the NeuroFocus data is revealing, "what commercials drive what purchases and how. And also what commercials watched by what product purchasers get viewers to stay and watch the next commercial, which makes the B position more valuable. We can even do that for Web sites, magazines and so on.
"I don't know what this is going to unleash, but we're going to unleash this stuff and you guys are going to have to deal with it," he forewarned.

Please read this article, there is no where that I found to comment sadly, but its enough to know what this company and its offspring are up to. If this is where our protection is coming from, someone needs to send the Gov one of our press releases, and a few posts from the CBS boards to let them know about the shoddy research this company does on a daily basis!
And many thanks to JKI for having this listed on the website, I would not have seen it otherwise, Google your news service is slipping.


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