08 April 2008

Jeff Knoll *AlasJericho* Begins New Campaign -

This is a copy of the post at CBS, for original post see this link.

The "Sell" Jericho Ad Campaign by AlasJericho!
Hello Everyone,

Sorry to have been a stranger from these boards for so long, but life has a tendency to get complicated and busy!

I have been working behind the scenes on some ideas for industry based advertising for "Sell Jericho" Campaign. This is based a concept that I organized and facilitated (with a LOT of financial support from my JerichoPals) and by cohorts Macadamia Mary and DangRabbit.

Essentially the idea is simple for those who were not around for round one.

The problem is that the show is cancelled and it seems that the CBS Television is done with it. CBS Paramount, from all accounts, is prepared to sell the show to another network (this is stuff you already know - but I am leading somewhere here). The potential buyers are industry insiders and while they are likely hearing about the fan campaigns, the world that live in is a small industry and the newspaper of record is Variety and to a lesser extent The Hollywood Reporter.

The Sell Jericho campaign concept is a marketing angle to show the potential buyers that we are very serious and are voting with our wallets to speak to them within their own industry circles. The ad concept is a full page ad(s) in Variety (and maybe HR) that could read like a large classified ad or a real-estate for sale sign.

For Sale
One action adventure television series...
Comes complete with large, dedicated (some would say "nutty") fan base
Cast still under contract and incredible story line to finish
Should be a keeper for years to come!
Call CBS Paramount xxx-xxx-xxxx

That is very rough, but you get the idea (I will let the more talented people do the art and verbiage)
This could be followed up with thematic press releases, post cards, even classified ads placed by fans in cities where there are media outlets we are targeting.

The objective is to:
1. Show that we are DARN serious and totally dedicated to our show.
2. Draw attention to ourselves in the earner media world
3. Create a buzz in the industry in the vehicle that is read by the executives, artists, money people, affiliates, sales personnel and the marketing wonks

So; I am here to offer my services again and to manager this project again.

I do not have the final budget - but I am projecting $9000 (I will firm that up over the next two days) for the one ad in Variety or $15,000 for both Variety and HR. Other collateral materials would be extra and could be considered if the interest (and the donations) were high enough.

For those who were not with the campaign last time, I will operate this same was. My company will be the bank and the legal entity to contract the ads. Donations will be accepted through PayPal. Financial information from the previous campaign are posted at the following address www.film.ca/jericho - I will also post additional details about the campaign, the tote, art draft, etc. on this board.

So you know who I am, I will also post my bio there as well for your inspection.

So.... whaddya think? Are you in?

The donation link is also up at

Jeff (AlasJericho) Knoll

PS - Please cross post this to the myriad Jericho fan sites!!


I am reserving the right to comment on this at a later date as I am waiting word on whether Comcast has indeed begun serious talks about Jericho.


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