09 April 2008

David Meunier's Thoughts on New Media, Nielsen Ratings

In the latest Jericho4Kids interview with David Meunier ( Russell on Jericho) the interviewer asked the following question of Mr.Meunier, so I thought it would be very good to repost this here for further discussion. Mr.Meunier has very good insight on the whole situation:

Q: What are your thoughts on the Nielsons ratings system?

Oh boy... I understand their purpose, but not their outdated calculation method. It’s as though they are trying to do advanced math with an abacus. But then, who’s to blame? The networks still use the Nielsen findings. The Advertisers still use the Nielsen findings. If the current service Nielsen provides is acceptable to these two parties, why spend the resources to expand and include alternative viewing patterns? The networks and the advertisers have to demand better calculating methods. BUT… and here’s the tricky part… the networks are still trying to push the ridiculous idea that “new media” equals “no money”. Anyone who followed the recent Writer’s strike knows that that is a bunch of hooey. And anyone who has read the recent articles wherein studio execs are touting their download numbers and “sold out” million-dollar cyber-ads and “new media” contracts… can see through the smoke-screen they are trying so hard to blow. Bottom line - the studios (all of them) are salivating over “new media”, but are scared to death about disclosing too much of the truth about what they stand to gain by it. Viewers equal money. And the day the networks divulge the truth about what they earn via those “new media” people, is the day the unions (whose members are responsible for all the content the studios are peddling) will come crashing their doors down.

And being that JERICHO is at the forefront of this “new media” revolution… how does it feel to make history?

So what do you think, does "new media equal no money"? Where do you spend time and money these days? I say I can not wait to see the 'doors coming crashing down'!

My thanks to Jericho4kids.com for allowing me to repost this section of the interview with Mr. Meunier, and to Mr. Meunier for being so open about his views!


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