19 March 2008

Sedition - Review, thoughts

I once again viewed the episode online with the commentary, because I get the finer details I miss while I am screaming at the tv during the live showing :-) This will be a two parter, with part two coming tomorrow.

I was interested to hear that Skeet had not seen the episode when he and Carol did the commentary for this episode. I have to keep reminding myself that even though the cast knows what happens, they don't see it all stitched together like we do. Skeet sounded so good, upbeat and at ease. And it is always a lot of fun to just sit and listen to Carol talk, a natural story teller. I know everyone is so happy to know that we have had Quality cast and Creative team members on this show, its a rare thing.

Okay my response to the show:

First off, I am going to steal a bit of Amy Vernon's style of posting from her thoughts last night, and I will also post rapid thoughts I wrote down while viewing.

Wont belabor Beck 'bagging' Jake, now will I comment on the utter lack of honor Beck displayed, he had to show his power to the town. I know, some of you will be perturbed at me for saying this, but Beck knows what the deal is in this town, and instead of using this knowledge, he becomes Rambo for macho reasons.

During the show last night, I could not help but think of the Battle of Yorktown in the American Revolution, and I may be way off base here.... but it seemed so familiar to me.

Jake living on Washington Street, his Grandfather telling him about The East India Trading Company, the burning of the Jennings and Rall building because of their occupation and despicable treatment of the town - references to the American Revolution and possibly a small call for people to begin to take their government more seriously, its a give and take, a responsibility we must pay attention to or we could one day wake to a real life Jericho happening.

Stanley... feeling so zoned out, I agree that this is h ow most of us would be reacting, it is a terrible thing he had to do, one not easy undertaken or forgotten. Mimi leaving the hospital to be by his side was expected because my girl is tough, but I had the scariest feeling Stanley is acting a little to cold towards her, maybe it is just me. I hope in Season Three that we see how he will deal with this, and that he is able to work through it all.

Bill and Jimmy..... looking sweet in uniform , two folks in Jericho I could never do without. A wonderful person informed me on my other Jericho blog that the reason for Bills uniform saying Muck, he was Sgt. Muck in Band of Brothers. Sorry, not much of a military film/show person or I might have known that!

Gail * our Mom * swept in and did what any mom would do, try to help get her son out of the hell hole he was being held in. I loved how her recall of her travels away from Jakes hold cell was in that scene, worked really well. I was really happy to see you again Pam, you are a wonderful actress and an important part of the Jericho Story.

I want to break this into two parts, so I will be posting more tomorrow.

The last thing to post today is my feelings about Carol and the writing team. I hope that if the terrible fate of cancellation happens to Jericho, they know how much we all tried to keep the show going. I know a blog is small potatos in the scheme of things, but when I post * from the very first one I made about jericho way back in 2006 until right now* I do so with much respect in my heart. I learned alot of things I never even knew existed because of you and your wonderful team. I just hope you all know that.


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