20 March 2008

Sedition - review part 2

Well, after shutting down last night from this blog, I have such an attack of nerves.

But I keep telling myself that for once in my life a good thing will happen out of a bad situation. CBS knows how much we all support and love the show, its a win win for them to keep it on the network.

I also was thinking, would I rather see Moonlight canceled over Jericho, and up until today I said no, now I think sadly, yes. Don't get me wrong, I really love Moonlight but creatively its not the same caliber as Jericho.

Uggg, this is nerve wracking.... what is the mood at CBS HQ right now? I will remain faithful that they will keep the show, I know they can see a good thing. Imagine all the viewers they have now because of Jericho for all their shows!

Okay on to my second part of the review:

The two most standout moments of the show for me were when Hawkins and Darcy were saying good bye and Jake seeing his mom in the holding cell. Jakes reaction was scary when she told him to be ready for everyone to come and get him, to be alert. I thought at first she was just another hallucination he was having until she handed him water, then I knew. Skeet, you were a bit too believable in those scenes, great testament to your acting skills but wow where did you learn how it would have to look? Made me think of so many things, like why is war even an option if this is what it really looks like?

I have said it before, Skeet has really grown into a fine actor on this series. I know he was great in movies he has done, but to bring such heavy drama to the small screen and not have it come off as cheesy over acting, that is a very hard thing to do.

And can you imagine knowing your husband is wanted by what is on all accounts an evil empire, and you have to let the man take a bomb and travel All the way to Texas? Darcy is so wonderful, she is a mother, a wife, a friend, and a compatriot to Hawkins. The most wonderful couple on Jericho in my opinion. I love Emily and Jake, and of course Stanley and Mimi - but Hawkins and Darcy seem more comfortable to me, more what I would want a relationship to be - solid and able to stand the upheavals they have both been through personally.
Imagine what Darcy would do, if she found out that Rob actually tried to drive away from the Army with that nuke in the back! I knew when Hawkins answered that phone driving away from Jericho that he was duped. Which leads me to John Smith -

What in the hell is the mans reasoning? He blows up cities as a part of whistle blowing? I know Jake and Hawkins can get to the bomb before he does, but who does he have inside who will be able to help him? Who is the other person??? It has to be one other person, you can't be all evil and have too many knowing your plans or you end up being unsuccessful.

I did think about who was in Cheyenne when Jake and Hawkins decided to go tho, so seeing Gray actually took me by surprise for a minute. Forgot he was there for the convention. I loved the fact that they were mentioning the removal of the Second Amendment as a possibility, like that would ever happen in the gun toting USA! I do not care who was running the country, never in a million years will that fly.

So, my thoughts are disjointed today I know.... but as I said, I am sort of nervous, I hate numbers, ratings were not great although I see the DVR numbers and the numbers from other means of online viewing were awesome, honestly I feel a bit bi polar today.

The bottom line is, I want to keep believing in CBS, I will. No way they would watch us all work our asses off for them free of charge, day and night for almost a solid year and not want to reward that dedication. CBS says they care and this time I believe them.

Can't wait for Tuesday, its going to rock!

Season Three here we come.............


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