22 March 2008

Open letter to Lisa de Moraes @ Washington Post

this post has been edited to include info since originally writing, please see bottom:

Never in my life have I been more insulted than I am to have read that tripe you printed today in the Washington Post:

Ratings were Peanuts Too
by Lisa de Moraes
One month ago, on the day of the show's improbable second-season return, CBS Entertainment chief Nina Tassler sent a message to its fans (who, I'm sorry to report, call themselves "Jericho Rangers"), telling them that "at long last, the night we've all been waiting for has arrived" and urging them to strong-arm everyone they know to "turn out in full force" and watch the show.

You're "sad" to say they call themselves Rangers? Who do you think you are? You went and made this a personal attack on the very people who effected change in the way Television viewers are counted, and this has now reached into so many different areas of marketing and other ways I cant even describe.

Rangers? My son is a Ranger lady. I went on with a dear friend of mine to make the website Jerichorangers4our troops, to bring Jericho more publicity, we even managed to get the Pentagons attention, while your paper ignored many requests to discuss both the Troops effort and Jericho.

At JerichoNet2.com, Jericho4kids.com,JerichoRallyPoint, RadioFreeJericho, Jeritopia , the Meebo Chat, JerichoMonster, Jericho Junction, and this blog as well as hundreds of web spots there were RANGERS doing what they could each day. I defy you to work as hard as we all did to make this show a success!

We did not fail this show --- CBS and other large news organizations such as yours did. We went in the early campaign to CNN, you, each one... only to be told its not news worthy! Mind telling me how a group of people can manage to reach world wide audiences with out help in exposure department?

All we managed to do was raise money for peanuts? Let me remind you madam, that we raised money for DVDs for the troops, we gained HUGE support for the Staten Island Home Front Project, and the Rangers even found time to support some less fortunate Rangers in times of need. We do not know each other, yet we came together in love, yes.... we fought, this happens in a family. But we all worked harder than any person in the PR department of CBS, period. Each Ranger new and old

We did our part, CBS did not do theirs. Maybe this was meant to fail from day one, who knows.

You, and your fellow reporters never once bothered to come and speak to anyone , for sure not me so how would you dare to say "sadly, call themselves Rangers?" What would you know about what we did for the last ten months?

Very professional writing job there, and I had such high regard for that paper.Next time you want to write a report on an event, try to actually interview some people who were involved in said event before you begin your article. Its called research.

edit -
I completely forgot to mention the following that "said Rangers accomplished in efforts of gaining viewers:

The Healthy Ride for Life _ Armstrong
Greensburg Kansas - We raised over $20,000 - money raised while buying our dumb ass peanuts.
i am sure I will recall all the rest of the campaigns we RANGERS were a part of... give me some time to calm down.


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