12 March 2008

Goetz got his and Hawkins Ruled

*photo above is from banacek11 @ flickr*

Yep, that was the big moment for me. Why? I knew Stanley was going to do what most of us would do, take care of some details. I am sorry for he will have to live with now, don't get me wrong. He will have to internalize what he did for the rest of his life, but balancing the act he performed against the catalyst makes it a deed he can deal with.
I am probably the only viewer who shouted when he did dropped Goetz like a bad habit last night, I know this brings out my evil side for all to see, but that is life in war.
I was glad to see the writers write the show the way it would play out in real life, complete with Goetz swinging in the breeze, but I had faith they would be true. When Trish told Goetz she hoped he would rot in hell, I was right there with her. And the leaving them to walk back, priceless.
I think having a evil character, one so steeped in yuckiness as Goetz was gives us a way to let off some steam that builds up.
The problems Jericho will now face because of what Stanley did are not so funny. I have to wonder why Beck seems to go all Rambo on them, can't the man see why they did what they did? And why did J&R just "redeploy" Goetz and his men, if they had a zero tolerance toward filching the flow?
Skeet has really been growing into his character Jake this season, he was great before ( please JLA, don't get me wrong ok?) but this season I see so much more of his soul. Now he has to deal with losing his father, his mother ( because not being so prominent in his life is like she is gone too) his best friend Stanley and Bonnie. I am worried about how he will be able to stand the pressures he is under.
And what about Heather? She has a price on her head now from Philly boy. If I were her, I would take a gun, march into New Bern and have a nice little chat with old Phil, but I have always been the bull in the china shop kind of gal myself and that is what I would do. No way I would wait for the man to come get me.
Hawkins rocked as always, my daughter just kept saying "see , that is why Hawkins rules!". I did not think he was going to let either soldier live, but he did need some insurance. Imagine them waltzing into your home like they did last night? Lennie makes Hawkins so real, it's sometimes hard to not see him as a super hero.
I am anxious to see the next episode, but also getting a bit sad because we are now down to two. The begins the very long summer wait for season three :-(


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