26 February 2008

JerichoTimes ~A Visit Long Over Due

I realize that my posts have been few and far between lately, between my computer problems ( have borrowed a lap top from my Dad for now) and my other RL issues, it has been hard to get here and post. I also have to admit that the last two weeks have been hard to post on because honestly, so many folks feel we might be losing. I have tried so hard to get folks to see how good Jericho is doing overall.

I saw the promo's for tonights episode and it looks SO great! Yes yes, I say that every time, but it is true. You will be getting a world class show tonight I promise. How can I say that from a 30 second spot? Because I know our writers and cast, that is why.

I went over to Jericho Times because of a post at CBS made by Nightbird47, one of our hard working and awesome Jericho Rangers. The impassioned letter she writes to us moved me, and made me see that I am far from being alone in my feelings. It's a letter that needs to be read by each Ranger whether long time or new. I fully support Nightbird's word and thoughts and join her in the following:

I personally pledge that I will not give up or fade away, and will keep strong. Whatever direction or journey we take to find the way I will be there.

Will your join me?

In Nightbirds post she highlights a post at JerichoTimes which itself is a great post, one made by a dedicated Ranger who has been in the fight from the beginning:
JerichoTimes -

Hello everyone,

When I first starting typing this I have a nicely typed out 1,000 word speech about our efforts and how we are doing and what seems like a failure or immanent defeat. Then I tried very hard to word a fancy speech to get everyone motivated.

But Mikesmom read over the speech and said something.

"You just told me 9 months of my life was wasted. We have fought side by side, some for as long as 9 months, with new people joining in right up till today, to have our voices heard, to make a difference. We have made that difference! Each Tuesday night we reap the rewards of our efforts – we see that difference! But this fight is not over.

Push aside in your mind the rumors, the ratings and remember the fight you had in you in May. The pride you felt in July when you watched the reruns, the motivation you felt when you heard the date February 12th. Give our show the final push it needs. Participate. Motivate others. Think Positive. Digg, Discuss and Contact the Advertisers.”

I type here not just a fan but someone that cares about the survival of that show. I don't let the negative press get me. I don't know why it doesn't. Knowing that every day 3 to 10 people join the newsletter. Knowing I get emails from people around the world thanking me for the newsletter. No. Its because I believe in something so much that I know it's going to change history. Jericho is more then just a show. Jericho is paving a new road of entertainment and the way viewers are counted and heard.

So I have simplified my message to everyone. To all of my 948 subscribers, I ask…..

Will you help save our favorite show?

The post has links for all the sponsors of each episode, and this was a very successful part of our original campaign to save Jericho, I ask each of my readers to please go to Jericho Times and help out with the effort to contact the sponsors.

JerichoNet2 News

In the JNet Operations Folder you will find the following:
Survival Sweepstakes and Information Hunt

adies and gentlemen, we here at JerichoNet are proud to present the JerichoNet Survival Sweepstakes and Information Hunt.

All you have to do is watch the show very carefully. At the end of the airing of the new episode, five questions will be posted. Send your answers to the questions to survival@jerichonet2.com , and every correct answer will put you one step closer to winning a grand prize pack, followed by three other runner-up prize packs. The more people that participate, the larger the prize packs. At the end of the 7 run season the winner will be drawn.

The General Rules:
- Only one set of answers per email address and person will be accepted, per episode.
- Direct sponsors and family members of direct sponsors are not eligible for the prizes, they can play along, however, and send in email answers just for fun.
- In the case of a tie, the entities with the most correct answers will be drawn lottery style for the grand prize.
- Prize pack donations will be accepted to accumulate the prize, sponsorship will not affect the ability to play, as the questions will only be harbored directly by JerichoNet and their immediate staff. (sponsors)
- This promotion is not sanctioned or supported by CBS, but is for the sole purpose of show promotion. We ask that you play in that spirit, not in maliciousness.
- Only complete entries will be accepted. A complete entry consists of the following:
- Answers to as many questions as you can answer.
- screen name
- real name
- email address
-date of birth (for age verification)
- Physical shipping address, including City, State and Zip.
*Information will be kept strictly confidential, and will not be shared with any other party.
- Entries will be accepted for only 24 hours after the questions are posted. Entry acceptance may be reopened for another 24 hours after any re-showings within the 7 week showing of Jericho on CBS.

For complete rules, see here.

Now since we have already started the season and have had one episode already aired twice, we will extend the questions for episode one for 48 hours after they are posted tonight. Episode one and two questions can be submitted at the same time. __________________
For Skeet, For Jericho, For the Fans -- We Are J-Net

I have to apologize to the fans at Jnet for my not having posted this before, my only excuse is that stuff has been chaotic for me of late, when it rains it pours! I hope everyone is having fun doing this Sweepstakes, I only wish I had been able to get in on it as well. I can't wait to see who wins!!!

Bottom line -

Our show is without a doubt one of the best stories to hit the airwaves in decades, with an outstanding cast, stellar Creative Team and a world class group of fans, that I am so fortunate to call my friends. We will have our season three, it is written in the stars.

Until tonight, be well my friends and do not give up!

See u all after the show tonight and please remember to watch Big Brother!


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