28 February 2008

Jennings and Rall ~ Episode 3

This episode was in my opinion pivotal to the rest of the season. I was on the edge of my seat again, the writer's have out done themselves !
Again, in hopes of not influencing any readers who might not have watched the show yet I will not do my usual reviews, however this week I would like to highlight the various threads on CBS concerning this episode, those Jericho Rangers really do a far better job of dissecting the show than I ever could!

Concerning John Smith and that phone number Hawkins got

gl9east writes that he tried the number but got nothing, had hopes of getting a message as the show 24 has done previously. In the same thread, another Ranger Jerichorox4 gives us a nice bit of info to think on about John Smith possibly being a tie in with the ARG site and the Native American thread. I agree with this, and would like to investigate further.

Concerning the Hudson River Virus:
Wow, some folks are thinking the same way I am about the whole story of this virus! In my very humble opinion, it was done on purpose as a way of controlling the population so no uprising could occur when the people found out the present government was the true enemy!
Here are just a few of the threads I found on this topic:
Is Hudson River Virus Bio-warfare?

Episode 2: What is Project Boxcar?

Hidden info in Cheyenne propaganda ("Reconstruction")

Blue line, state lines, ARG lines

The influence of Red Flag on this weeks episode (Condor)

Why is the ASA so against people getting the vaccine?

Concerning Jennings and Rall - Episode Three

Episode 25: Jennings & Rall Official Thread

* I watched the episode live of course, but watched the episode with commentary for this recap because I get a better idea of what is going on this way*

Commentary was done by Karim Zarick and Kenneth Mitchell -

Goetz -
He is important to the whole story I know, but grrrrrrrrrrr he makes me so mad. This man likes being cold hearted.
Goetz ( played by D.B. Sweeney who was in one of my favorite movies , Spawn!) ) threatens Kenchy and poor Kenchy does what we all would do in the face of this murderous mad man... fold!

The scenes between Hawksin and Beck were awesome!! Director's said it was the turning point for Becks character, he is now about to start questioning everything he knows up to now! Hawkins is now at least able to work more at ease I hope, his movements will not have to be another worry of his as he tries to find out who is behind the attacks and how to stop this mess.

Valenete - a pompous over blown, egotistical person who cannot see that he has lost control over this whole event, his arrogance will be his downfall soon enough I hope.
When he steps on Beck, you can see the Beck realize that the information he had been fighting for, supporting is false.

The last thing I want to talk about from this ep... Heather and Beck.

I love that Beck tells Heather of his family when she goes to thank him for g etting the help the townspeople needed. He believes he will soon find his wife, alive. Beck is a good man, and a great man for Heather. Sorry Jake, looks like you might have lost Heather.

interesting note - My oldest daughter is named Cherise, and the Production Deisgner for epsidoe 2 and3 is Charisse Carenas


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