05 February 2008

Interview ~ Nobodysbaby and her visit with Brad Beyer

Okay, for all you Brad Beyer fans out there, you have probably already heard that our very own Nobodysbaby from the CBS Jericho Boards had the most awesome of times visiting with Brad. I thought it would be wonderful to hear all about her visit and asked for a interview:

1.Okay, so you got to see the man I think ROCKS Jericho the most, Mr. Brad Beyer. Where were you when you had your visit and why were you there?

I received an email from one of the Jericho Fan websites (JKI) letting me know that since I live in Florida I might be interested to know that Brad Beyer was going to be at a Convention in Orlando Florida. The convention was a Sci-Fi genre...well, I'm not a huge sci-fi but I am a huge Jericho Fan. The minute I received confirmation from the General Manager of the FX Convention that Brad was going to be there all 3 days these fingers began flying making hotel reservations and notifying my niece that her goofy aunt was coming to Orlando...the old term "You've come a long way baby" applies to me...I only entered the 21st century in 2006 when I bought MY very first computer and I only still stumble upon things...stumbling upon Brad Beyer hmmm, if I stumble on something why not Brad?

2. You said that Brad is a very sweet person, I have been told this by other folks who have had the pleasure of meeting him. What was your impression of Brad.

I went to this convention in Orlando expecting to see "Stanley Richmond" and see the World Premiere of Jericho Season 2, episode 1...I did not expect to walk away meeting Brad Beyer the incredibly sweet, down to earth, wholesome Wisconsin born and bred man. My impression of Brad Beyer is that he is the genuine article. I was very nervous about even approaching him as he was walking through the exhibits because I have a very high regard for personal privacy and personal space. Brad Beyer actually engaged in a real conversation for about 20 minutes on that Friday, both Brad and David Sperber of CBS made it very easy to talk with. My impression is that both Brad and David are superb men!!

3. What was it like sitting there watching the premier with Brad and David Sperber, CBS senior publicist?

I was so engrossed in watching the premiere that during the showing believe it or not I was zoned in on Jericho. Just knowing that Brad and David were there watching and gauging the fans reactions to Jericho Season 2, episode 1 was just breathtaking enough. Here is a tidbit that I have not revealed about the premiere showing....I met Brad & David on Friday and both of them asked if I was going to be there for the premiere, I told them that Brad Beyer and the World Premiere were the reason I came to this convention and of course, I would be there. When I walked into to the Panel Room both Brad & David were up front and recognized me as I was walking in. They both raised their hands and waved, I sheepishly grinned and took my place right up front. After the viewing, Brad was asking trivia questions about Season 1, they were giving away Season 1 DVDs, I of course knew all the answers but people were shouting the answers and I was politely raising my hand...HOLD ON TO YOUR DRAWERS...Brad looked at me and said, "Don't worry, I have set aside a set of DVDs for you!" Get out the smelling salts, I nearly fainted right there!!! Needless to say, everyone's eyes turned to me, I nearly flipped out because I don't like attention directed my way, I am a very humble and unassuming person by nature. Did I feel on top of the world? You bet!

4. You have been a great fellow Ranger so funny and a joy to hang with, would you like to tell us a tiny bit about yourself and why you became a Jericho Fan?

I will tell about myself but promise there will be no pity, this is a testimony to my precious best friend/husband. My husband & I were best friends, we loved doing everything together as a family unit, we enjoyed doing with our son and my husband's brothers and their families, basically we put all of our love together in a big pot and combined to put together a loving and fun filled family life together. In the evenings Kenny & I would choose great shows to watch with our son and after he would go to bed we always enjoyed mind stimulating programming, we loved "Hill Street Blues" and for the not so mind stimulating we loved "Knots Landing". After I lost my dear Kenny in an accident that could have taken the life of my son and several other members of my family I pretty much began to withdraw from most of the network programming because the "reality" programming just irked me immensely..."reality"..HA! I happened to be over at my mother's and heard the promotion for Jericho and I stopped talking and just started watching the promotion for the show, well hello, there was Skeet Ulrich, now my interest WAS peaked even more. I thought. wow, now that looks like a great show. I had read the book Alas, Babylon by Pat Frank years before and the parallel inspired me to really want to see the show. Episode 1, I was hooked!! I very rarely get involved in a TV show but Jericho was the exception. I know that my husband would have been sitting by my side saying, "Now this is quality programming". When the show was cancelled I went NUTS!!! Little Miss Shy, who had only lurked on the Message Boards and would on occasion make a post became, nobodysbaby the rabid fan!! My life experiences as a wife, mother, friend and trauma nurse has conditioned me to look at situations more indepth...I have always had a compassionate and loving heart (yes, I cry over Hallmark commercials). I was always really shy growing up but I could not stand to see someone picked on or hurting, so I was always the "goofball" who tried to make people laugh even at my own expense. I prayed everyday to God to "please don't let me lose my sense of humor and to always be compassionate of others pain"...I also was praying that if my testimony of life and loss could help someone else in anyway to always show me the way to help in His way...I guess laughter and compassion are the gifts the Lord decided were best suited for me, so I will never take His gifts for granted.

5. What did you do to prepare yourself for meeting Brad? I mean, I would have been like Jello had it been me! What did you two talk about ?

Prayed, "Lord, don't let me make a fool of myself"!!! This is the honest truth...I began to think about all of you, the Jericho Fans and how nice it would be to have some awesome pictures of our darling, Stanley Richmond. That is what gave me the courage to approach him as he was walking through the exhibits at the convention. I highly respect privacy and personal space and had no intention of monopolizing his time or invading his personal space. Like I said before he was ever so gracious and engaging and made me relaxed enough to have a conversation and not sound like a babbling idiot. Brad and David both got a kick out of my, 2 more reasons to watch Jericho..Jake, the towel T-shirt, they both said that Skeet would love that shirt...oh crap, just the mention of Skeet's name nearly blew my composure!! We talked about my life and as I was preparing the camera for David to take pictures Brad saw the picture of my raccoon in the memory of my digital camera so I had to tell him about the crazy raccoon that thinks she is a poodle but uses a litter box. As I was scrolling through he saw pictures of my son's race car and asked about them and what kind of car. We talked about Wisconsin where we used to vacation when I was a child and how all the children we knew up there always wanted to hear our "Southern accents" and stared at us little gingerbread children from Florida, he was very familiar with the areas that we vacationed at. Both Brad and David asked if I was coming to the premiere as I stated previously. They were both engaging and THEY were the reason I didn't melt into a puddle of Jello. The normally calm trauma nurse was on the verge of screaming like a giggly schoolgirl...it was Brad & David, the Jericho Family that gave me the strength...I did it for all of YOU!!

6. Were you able to learn any secrets about Brad that none of us knows?

I was too chicken to get real personal. But I did learn not a secret but a widely publicized fact that he is the REAL DEAL!!! He is as handsome and gracious as is written. He really does care about the show Jericho and the fans. They really do read the message boards. I told them both to when they had spare time to encourage any other cast, crew or anyone involved to drop a surprise visit in the various threads or just post a "Hey, you fans" type message and it would infuse even more enthusiasm especially right before the premiere on Feb. 12th, and true to his word, that awesome man and Alicia Coppola dropped in on the Message Boards. Brad Beyer is a man who is true to his word. He did not have to take that extra time with me 2 days in a row, he did not have to engage in 20 minute conversations 2 days in a row but he did!! My heart will always hold a special place for the man Brad Beyer and I will always take delight in seeing good things come his way!!!

Here is another tidbit: After the showing Brad told everyone to come out to the autograph table and see him because they had him in a corner all by himself. I thought, o.k., everyone is going to rush out there so I'll take my time before I go pick up an autographed photo of Mr. Drop Dead Gorgeous. When I went out there no one was there...I just sort of shugged my shoulders as if to say, "Where is everybody?" he shrugged back as if to say, "I don't know". I was on my knees talking with him and David again for about 20 minutes, then they both dropped the bomb that almost did me in!!! "We called Skeet last night and told him about your shirt. He loved it and asked if you could get him one?" Oh crap, here come the tears!!! I said, "I'm sorry, you'll have to give me a minute to collect myself before I can answer coherently!!" They both thought that was funny and said, "Take your time". When I could finally regain my composure I told them, "Yes, I could get him that shirt, tell me who to send it to." I did not ask for any private access to any of the Jericho stars, I respect their privacy that much. David gave me a CBS address to send it to and said he would make sure that Skeet got the shirt. Brad was signing photos for me and when it came to the one for me he said, "I want to make this one special." I said, "O.K. I won't look while you sign it."
He signed my box set of Jericho DVDs, then while signing the photograph I turned and was speaking with David. I did not even look at what he had written until I went outside. Another bombshell. To Susie: To the best fan in the world, Brad Beyer p.s. I'll send Jake Green your love!! Oh crap, here come the tears again!!! I love Stanley Richmond but I adore Brad Beyer the man!!!

I hope to get to know you much better and this is a super way to start, thank you so much for doing this interview. Do you have any words of wisdom for us that you would like to share? Any input or thoughts on Jericho and Season 2? The floor is yours!!!

Here's what I will say about Season 2, episode 1...IT IS WORTH FIGHTING FOR AND ALL THE WAITING!!! I really believe there will be a Season 3 and more!! It was THAT good. It takes alot to impress this old bird and wow, I am impressed!!


I am so honored to have met yet one more friend because of Jericho, and I will tell you something else.... CBS is taking awesome care of us, no other network is so good to their fans.


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