27 January 2008

Interview with MikesMom - One of the Busiest Fans I know

This interview is one in the series I began with Hawksdomain, concerning our fans who are working on outside Jericho efforts. It is important to remember that without Jericho we all would probably not have connected, and not been able to do the work we are doing. Jericho is the reason our spirit of community came to the forefront, it was inside each of us all the time just needed a tiny kick to get started.

MikesMom is a constant presence both at the Jericho boards and Jerichonet2.com. She is a huge supporter of other fans and the efforts they begin, always ready to lend a hand to who ever needs it. MM also has the most awesome sense of humor and I am very proud to call her my friend. I have learned so much from MikesMom, no matter where I go or what I do in the future, she has made a lasting impact on who I am as a person.

1. What was it about Jericho that drew you in personally?

I actually got interested in Jericho when the promo’s for Season 1 aired. The town next to mine is Jericho and just thought it was interesting to have a TV show with the same name…who knew.

2. When did you begin your involvement in the fan based social efforts? When I had the pleasure of meeting and becoming friends with those NUTS at Nutsonline, Hawks, you (Kystorms), Cristy, Kayt, Ahma and of course Scoobud. I watched this project go from an idea on the board to one of the most successful campaigns I’ve ever seen, fueled by enthusiasm and genuine spirit for the troops. Their tireless efforts just inspired me to want to be a part of it all. My heart has always been in social efforts, but for some reason I never had the opportunity to be involved in efforts for the troops. My father was a very, very proud WWII Veteran, he passed just a year prior, with this effort for the troops it gave me the opportunity to do something in his honor and memory and did more for me to find peace with his passing then I can ever explain.

3. Why the troops Campaign, would you feel comfortable donating your time and efforts to other areas as well? Yes and I have. I was so taken in by the work of the Staten Island Homefront Project, that I approached my Rotary Club to make it their main effort for the year. I was able to put together a community forum and bring together the heads of all local organizations, Kiwanis, Chamber, VFW, Civics, Boys and Girls Club, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and The School District and get them on board as well. We had an amazing evening one night in November where the SIPH came and presented their organization to all, and everyone signed on to help the efforts. Over the course of the last few months, over 80 boxes of donated items and cash donations have been made to this effort and many are still collecting. I had the pleasure of personally delivering one shipment to the SIPH and I can’t tell you how good that felt, that feeling will stay with me forever.

4. Have you been involved in social efforts in the past? I have always been very involved in community organizations, Rotary, Chamber, Civics, Boy Scouts, PTA and always participate in anything that contributes to the betterment of my town and the children in and around it. Rotary gives me the opportunity to spread efforts further to an international level. I am always the first one to speak out that something needs to be done, so I always make sure I back up those words with volunteering my time to help try and make that happen.

5. What is the biggest obstacle you have had to overcome with the troops campaign, if any? What was the nicest surprise in this all? I can’t remember any obstacle. The DVD project was just something I participated in like any other fan, I didn’t do any of the hard work in making that happen, that credit all goes to my friends at the nutsonline forum and JerichoRangers4OurTroops, they overcame the obstacles. The nicest surprise for me was the incredible friends I made from these projects and seeing those pictures of the troops holding the DVD’s…WOW!!!!

6. What types of help can the fans provide you with as far as future support? One letter to your local Rotary Club, tell them about these efforts, send them a list of care package items that the troops need, see if your area has a Project Homefront. So many giving organizations aren’t even aware these collection organizations exists, spread the word.

7. Finally, I have a few questions that are NOT about the Troops campaigns:

a. What was your favorite scene in the whole first episode ( i know that is prob a tough one, lol) Actually, my favorite scene Is when Jake is driving away from town and looks out to see the mushroom cloud, I find myself always fixated on the expression on his face.

b. What do you think is the outcome we will see in season 2? I think this is another thing I love about Jericho, for me its not predictable. So many shows you can write the next three episodes in your head, with Jericho, I have no idea what to expect – but I do think Jonah’s on that train (at least I hope).

c. Who is your favorite character and why? I am a little split; I love the character of Jake, I have always liked the whole “black sheep of the family getting a chance to prove himself worthy” storyline. But I also am drawn to the character of Jonah Prowse - I think it’s that unpredictability again. I love that you never know just what he’s going to do in a situation.


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