06 September 2007

A Special post for fellow blogger and friend Sweat629 - Fan of the Week

Some time ago, I had been introduced to the fact that Sweat629 was asked to accept the Fan of the Week honor, and while I know she was not comfortable with that idea in its whole, she more than deserves this honor, and I am very happy that I had agreed to post this. I admire Sweat629 as both a blogger and as a person. This write up is from two of her fellow fans, please enjoy ~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fan of The Week ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

FOTW: sweat629, Blog Goddess Extraordinaire

Not too long ago, a thread was started on the CBS "Promote Jericho" board, suggesting that sweat629 (aka, pamsabby, or "Jericho Monster") be named Fan of the Week. Although very much deserving of this title, she was put into a somewhat awkward position, considering that she both conceptualized the idea and regularly hosts the Fan of the Week (FOTW) at one of her own blogs. In response to the nomination, she had this to say:

"I am deeply honored that you all have nominated me. I did not start this project to draw attention to myself but to all of you…. Again, I am honored and flattered but I have done no more that any other involved Jericho fan. I am happy doing what I do but it wouldn't be near as much fun without the support of everyone here and I do thank you for that."

She did, however, graciously accept the nomination, on the grounds that the write-up be done by someone other than herself, and that it be hosted on someone else's blog. Kystorms stepped forward, and agreed to donate her own blogspace for this write-up.

In the words of her fellow CBS board posters:

"sweat has been instrumental in many great programs, ideas, promotions and blogs since we began this campaign. She has worked hard both here at the CBS boards as well as RFJ. Her dedication to the show and the fandom shows in everything that she does." (susandavis2)

"Sweat has been so helpful with her blogs and links to sites to digg." (OKJHawkgirl)

"Couldn't happen to a more deserving person. Congratulations to Sweat629, a real asset around here." (azlady4)

"She's always thinking, coming up with ways to help people better understand how to do things--things that will genuinely help this campaign. I was also one of those who had never heard of digging before the Save Jericho campaign. She very calmly and clearly walked us through what to do, and how to submit an article to digg. She then put together a comprehensive digg list, which made it so easy to digg (and read!) all the Jericho articles. She is a hard worker, and her blogs attest to the fact that she genuinely loves this show and wants it to succeed. She puts out her blogs daily, regardless of how she's feeling--and they are always well-written and thoughtful. She also has a great sense of humor, which I have had the honor to be privy to. Really and truly, there are very few people who deserve this more than she does." (LisiBee)

"And I found while I was incapacitated that her new Digg program made it easier for me to come on and Digg where if I had to look for things to Digg I would not have been able to. Not to mention, she is the one who taught me and many other less computer-savvy posters how to Digg in the first place." (susandavis2)

"I agree that Sweat should be nominated. I had always seen digg this and didn't know what it meant other than a sixties term meaning that you like something. With her help I have learned how to digg. I have also been able to find all the articles to digg thanks to her links to them. I enjoy reading her blogs. Her "how to" explanations belong on the CBS page for newcomers to see." (dbalcer1)

"I have known pamsabby/sweat1951 since the save Jericho campaign. She has always kept up with all the blogs and encouraged people to digg and comment. She never got discouraged when people did not digg or comment as much as they could or should have. She soldiered on. She has never sought attention for herself, only the show and those covering the show.

Now, I see more people digging and commenting. She has gotten some great interviews of late and her great ideas are taking off very well. Pamsabby/sweat1951 has illustrated that persistence pays off.

Not only is she the supreme Blog Goddess, she is a great person to know and a lot of fun." (section521)

sweat629 is a true Jericho fan: she does what she can to promote the show, often going above and beyond the call of duty, and she doesn't ask for recognition. Instead, she honors other fans—now it's her turn to be honored.

Congratulations sweat629, you are our Fan of the Week!

Congrats Sweat629, its great to be able to share blog space with ya!


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