08 August 2007

Confusion for fans about what to do to help promote Jericho

This morning while I was at CBS boards, one of the first posts that caught my eye was this post made by Vox_Populi concerning the low Digg's for episode 1

As of now at 8:28 am; there is only 21 Digg's! That is outstandingly scary considering what we all just went through to save this show! However, as I pointed out to Vox_Populi on their post the most important thing to remember is that we need to publicize this is even out there! We can not expect people to know they have to Digg the episode if they do not even habitually frequent Digg.com!

Sweat629 ( Jericho Monster) had a post that has referenced a 4 page listing of Jericho info to be dugg at Digg.com, this is the best way to get the masses to know they are needed to help out.
I hope that we Jericho Bloggers will take on the challenge of obtaining the various things that are being done to promote Jericho so that the fan will be made aware their help is needed! Sweat629 has made a great start at doing this, and I not only salute the move, I will make sure to keep a close on the Jericho Monster to see what is listed next on our to do list!

Also for your consideration -

In this post @ CBS lovejohnston posted about a necklace of a peanut at QVC! If you go to the QVC website and insert
J19617 or you can just click this link to go right to it. Its nicely priced as well, and a conversation starter for the Jericho Campaign! Thanks to lovejohnston for this info.

and from our very own Laracroft @ Nuts For Jericho Forum -

people can make a trailer, a promo or a slide-show movie, for the promotion of the new season!
have fun with it. show us your nutty creative side!

the contest will be open to videos that were made after August 1st
and the contest will stop taking videos on August 25!
on the 26-31 of August the fans will get the chance to vote for a winner!
GO HERE TO ENTER THE CONTEST- http://www.nutsonline.com/jericho-forum/comments.php?DiscussionID=278&page=1#Item_2
To see more on this prize go here http://www.nutsonline.com/gifts/funky-nutty-gifts/jericho-party-snacker.html

the video contest is on NFJ in conjunction with the master list.the largest video archive Jericho has to offer, with over 170 Jericho videos and counting! go here to see the Master List of jericho's finest videos!

Way to go Lara, this is a really fun way to get into promoting Jericho and getting some yummy Nutty treats from NutsOnline as well!


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