05 June 2007

Whose running the joint?

Way way back, when I was oh, say 9 I learned a very harsh lesson. Never go outside my parents home and speak of their private business. Yup, spanking of my life, and rightly deserved. My parents had no reason to put up with little miss mouth running around the neighborhood telling where daddy went, and what mommy spends her money on!

And from that day on, that lesson applied itself over and over in so many areas of my own life.

Be it college, where a snide comment dropped at just the right moment could have ended a career or when someone really dear to me was being an ass, I have tried very hard to keep my big mouth shut. Well, except for here, but that is totally different, right?

I have had to step back for a few from this latest tiff I am having with CBS, this time over comments- song made by CBS VP of Communications, Gil Schwartz. This morning while over at the forum I read that someone else has loose lips at CBS, the comment itself not terribly important in the scheme of all this.... but it made me see a big problem CBS has; its various employees in the higher economic strat0sphere cant keep their comments to them selves; in other words they speak first, and think after. Can't be good for business , decision making with out thinking !
( the newest comment I am referring to is from a forum post - and which was also posted at the globeandmail for the 30th of May in the tech portion

"The slowdown was also made apparent a few weeks ago, when the new chief Internet strategist at CBS Corp. quipped to the Wall Street Journal that the network's ambitious Innertube project launched in 2006 should be renamed "CBS.com/nobodycomeshere." (Ironically, one of Innertube's most watched shows was Jericho and those fans aren't likely to come back until CBS gives the series another shot.)"

About Mr Schwartz comments - it has been suggested over at Save Jericho that he may have in fact been poking fun at 'someone else' while he was singing that little ode. I totally give another human being the right to think what ever they want, as for what my opinion is - I know who he was singing too. He can say different all he wants, but I would be willing to be that he would fess up to it being aimed at us in a heartbeat if he did not have to fear more emails from the Jericho Fans.

* by the way Gil, your email addy,..... bouncing; forget to pay the cable bill again?*

See - if one has had the benefit of living around smart ass people most of their lives, spotting them in a crowd is easy! So is reading a comment and taking it as it was truly meant to be read.

I have to say, from what I have heard for the last three weeks.... the secretaries at CBS on both coasts are being really super about this whole thing, and its really them who are most physically connected to us out of everyone who works at CBS. What I mean is, they are the ones taking our calls, reading our mails and emails. They have been completely professional to the fans in every way.

Must be the air one breaths when one is 'liquid' that turns your brain to s**t.

ah well.... just my two cents worth :-) as always, let me know how you feel!


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