20 June 2007

Thoughts about last evening

As I was slightly involved last evening, I will only post a small thought or two, and then let it be.

1. The feeling that the forum at CBS is an exclusive area for an exclusive few, is more prevalent than noted at first glance.

2. Questions concerning such areas of interest as the Fan Club and Guinness Book of Records valid or not?

Wow, how to say this without letting my feelings color my post.* I could use a crisis communicator right about now LOL*

No one at CBS forums have posted that there is an official voting area for main ideas (FAN CLUB and G Book of R)
so how does one venture out with thoughts on these topics?
It does certainly appear that most people on the forum know very little about these two topics, or facts would have been more prevalent in post replies, and verbal assaults less.

Now, some said that there were better places than that forum for this post, and I will present this to them - where?
It was an idea that some one felt needed to be seen by as many as possible so that would be the two main forums.'
Could this have been done OFF LIST? Of course, but some express the inability to connect with some folks so, if after a wait of x amount of time ( x being a respectful amount) one gets no answers, how else to ask?

Being told that bringing up valid questions is being abusive to another poster is not the norm over there, see any of the ear;ier posts about a certain person who had the whole group in an uproar. Many the time, I saw posts that were all about accusations, and they turned out to be right. That is not the point though, the original poster was not in my opinion doing any more than speaking out about their views on the topic of.........

This fan base at the forums is a business now, like it or not. And as such, it needs to be run like one. That means checks and balances, not just assurances. This can be done by answering questions when asked, before it explodes on the forums.


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