28 June 2007

June 30th Flyer Day and other Fan Activities

Morning Jericho Fans

Some interesting doings to talk about -

From the Nuts For Jericho Forum - "Here's a challenge for every Jericho Fan ----

Saturday 06/30 - National Flyer Day! Leave with 100 Flyer's..do not come home empty handed. Post anywhere and everywhere you can! Grocery Stores, Restaurants, Libraries, Gas Stations, Convenience Stores, (basically any place that has a bulletin board or will let you tape up) Lots of little stores are owned by private owners and they won't mind!

And we have a great place to grab this kinda stuff:

Please go to http://radiofreejericho.com/regional/ and get signed in! This is separate from membership at RFJ so you have to register again (but can do so with same ID). Once you're registered you will see that there is a folder called "General Downloads for Everyone" and inside there, you can grab content for a Flyer and print out!!! No problems at all!

Let's all get out there with our Flyers and GO!!! Leave with 100 and come home empty handed!!!!

Cost: 100 b/w copies off your personal printer and scotch tape (one roll $2?)

Whattaya say??
:surfing:This is something that almost everyone can do, its fun, and great exercise as well.... think of all the steps you will take to put the flyer up? Now what else are the Jericho Fans up to?

What are the fans up to in the Jericho Campaign?

Here is some of what the Fans of Jericho are up to lately

Post Cards ~

Sending a postcard after each episode that will have the viewer demographics of the fan who sent it, and a message saying how much we enjoyed the episode – totally a great idea and so inexpensive to do! First of all, consider the visibility of Jericho with the United States Postal Service, its the NUTS campaign all over again, but on a wider scale and more lasting.

Here is a link to a post by Mr Cosmic at Radio Free Jericho under the thread Fan Made Computer Graphs - Posters, Logos, Postcards, give it a read for great downloads he has made.

For more discussion on this idea, check out the link named Post Cards at the top of the paragraph.

Garage Sales, Swap Meets and Festivals -

I am copying the post exact as its said great and why improve on a great idea???

Maybe some people could set up booths at various fairs or festivals in your area. You could have Jericho continuously playing on a laptop, people may start watching and get hooked. You could have a drawing for a free t-shirt or dvd Perhaps you could give away some free peanuts. Anything to get people interested. Of course, be sure to let people know that you are NOT a representative of CBS, but just a loyal fan who wants to promote your favorite show”.

I would add auctions to this list of venues, they are a big deal around here in my part of Kentucky!


If you live in this part of the country (Southeast)the World Longest Yard Sale is happening August 2-5th and runs the length of Highway 127 from Kentucky to Alabama. This is a two for, which means in Lisa speak.... getting the word out about Jericho AND getting to go for hours viewing goodies!

The following ideas are all posted at Radio Free Jericho's Forums – Under the Heading of Grassroots Promotions:

Let's Go Nuts Again -

The basic idea here – grab yourself some peanuts and do some writing on the shell :-) simple, cheap and if you have kids at home.... good summer time activity. (they might think you have gone a bit, well NUTS, but its fun!) Read the post link Let's Go Nuts Again for all the details!

Yard Signs -

Grab some wooden stakes and some poster board or even some plywood you might have laying around, and some paint and make yourself a big sign for your yard, why let the presidential candidates get all your yard space! More details and discussions in the link Yard Signs up top.

Book Marks -

Are you an avid reader? Make the library your second home? Well, in this post someone has come up with the idea of making book marks and placing them into your books when you return them!

Voice Mail -

And what about your cell phone? You can change your voice mail to Promote


okay, that is a start for now... I will be back with more information as I hear about it!

If you have any ideas, please post them here, at the Main CBS forum, Nuts for Jericho Forum and Radio Free Jericho!

Oh, and for a lively discussion on how to use emoticons for fun – check out

What do you want to learn?on the Nuts for Jericho Forum to see how much fun we really have, and if your new to the whole emoticon thingy.... check out Miss Hawksdomains lessons here.

see you later Jericho Fans


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