28 June 2007


CBS Live Link - Idea

Here is another really important thing we can all do, and I truly think that CBS would be very smart to follow up on this one – and as this is rather a lengthy post, instead of putting the whole idea down here, I will try to just copy the short of it and link to the entire thread:

The idea is from miss Laracroft6669 at NOL * Nuts Online*

This is meant to be put into letter form and sent to CBS, full instructions are at this link for the thread.

The Basic Idea:

To have CBS put up a link on its Jericho community homepage
much like the "countdown to Jericho" link.
but unlike the above mention link,
the "JERICHO LIVE LINK" idea is that CBS, along with the advertisers and the fans interact on the Link in a way that would be highly beneficial to us all.
JERICHO LIVE LINK must make a profit for the advertisers! it must also work for CBS
and at the same time give the fans the RIGHT to be counted as Jericho viewers!

the Link would have nothing to do with the ratings system(s) already in place.
but would be a new type of interactive page that the whole world could see and participate in a page that CBS could use along side the already in use ratings system to Gage Jericho viewers.
the reasons for the Link:

#1. WE want CBS to count us as fans of Jericho! because WE DO COUNT!
we are HERE and need to show CBS that fact. this link would give us and CBS the chance to do this in a fun interactive way.

#2. we are more than willing to have the advertisers create or use pre-existing surveys for us to fill out on the JERICHO LIVE LINK. or fill out feedback on their products!
they could put up links of their own, on the page so we can go to their web sights and help them make money! maybe they could come up with some cool stuff like interactive games involving their products! and talk to us one on one!!! this would give a mass of people around the world a chance to get to know the products the advertisers would like to sell us. and CBS would be able to sell spots every week to the advertisers in a new way. by selling advertisers this new way of gathering data! we are a ready made & willing survey group from around the world ! who wouldn't want that?

#3. CBS would benefit from the ad revenue.
but more than that.
it would give CBS a chance to relay count the people watching Jericho live! they would be able to Gage better who watches. to have an idea about merchandising and marketing campaigns to promote the show!
and be able to show the advertisers just how many people are seeing their product. it also give CBS a chance to be the leader in the new media that they want to be.

more on the thread......................

Please, to read the rest of this thread, click this link and help spread the word!


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