25 June 2007

History Starts Now Song Dedication Campaign

The History Starts Now Song Dedication Campaign

The History Starts Now Song Dedication Campaign launched on Friday, June 15th. Our mission is to call in as much as we can to as many stations as as we can in one week, and the wait until July 3rd to beginning again in earnest, and keep it going until the 7th.Then, every Wednesday and Thursday before the airing of Jericho, we keep calling in the radio stations and dedicating these songs *listed below* .

A very wise Jericho Fan wrote -

“They say that Video killed the Radio star, here is our chance to prove that Radio may have a chance to save the Video Star”

So, how does this work?

Call up your local radio station's that take dedications, within your reach, and dedicate any of the following songs to the people at the Jericho TV Show Campaign:

"World" - Five For Fighting: Genre – Rock/2000s/Ballad (Love Songs)

"Nothing Compares 2 U" - Sinead O'Connor: Genre - Late 80's/90's/Pop/Alternative

And some new songs to take into consideration:

"Taking Care of Business" by Bachman-Turner Overdrive: Genre: Classic Rock/Oldies/70's

"Once In A Lifetime" by Keith Urban: Genre - Country

"Times Like These" by Foo Fighters: Genre: Alternative Rock/Rock/Hard Rock/2000s

"I Second That Emotion" by Smokey Robinson & The Miracles - 60's/Oldies/Soul

“All these things that I've done" by The Killers - Rock/Alternative/2000s

See if you can get others in your area or, you, yourself keep calling in and dedicating every day, maybe one to two times a day. And keep dedicating those songs to the people at the Jericho TV Campaign. (The above songs are all featured in Season 1 of the show.)

You can do this locally, or you can do it nationally on the Satellite Radio stations. Keep this up.

Now, if you do this locally, you might be asked by the DJ to speak “on-air” about the Jericho Campaign, . Make sure that you have your information about the Jericho TV campaign at the ready when and if you go on air.

If a DJ asks you what this whole Jericho TV Campaign thing is about, here is an idea of what you can say:

- Jericho was a show on CBS during the 2006-2007 TV season, about existing in a world after a series of nuclear attacks on the United States, in a small town. It was originally canceled by CBS because of claims of low ratings. It had a winter hiatus and was against American Idol, in addition to being a show largely watched online and on DVR, numbers that were not counted.

The show was given a second chance at life by the Save Jericho campaign, a grass roots effort that included bombarding the CBS offices with shipments of nuts, signing online petitions, emailing, snail mailing, calling, motivating media on a local and national level, and in general, motivating people to speak out against not only the cancellation of the show, but the antiquity of the Nielsen Ratings system.

The idea here is to spread information about the campaign by getting curiosity up at first about the dedications, and then by getting D.J.'s to take an interest.

Many local stations will have many of these songs in their play-list. Some Sirius and XM radio stations also have the ability to call in and make dedications. Get others in on this as well, the more people making these strange dedications will only serve to get more curiosity up.

Remember also, to speak about the CBS Jericho boards, and the other “Save Jericho sites”, have the addresses for them ready in case you are put on air. Talk about the air dates for the show and encourage folks to tune in!

We will do this in a scheduled rotation. You can call in any time you want, but it would be excellent if we could have concentrated dedications on the following dates:
June 15 - June 22
July 3 - July 7
Every Wednesday and Thursday before the Friday airing of Jericho.

So, Start spreading the word! Get that word out there about this show! We have the air dates, we have the ammo, now let's get out there and spread the word!!!
The History Starts Now Song Dedication Campaign comes to us courtesy of
Darkcrystal, Technical Admin at Radio Free Jericho! It's a fabulous idea, and I'd like to encourage all of us to participate!
For a listing of the top rated stations in YOUR state, please visit this link:

If you want to be up on the latest news concerning this campaign or just want to meet a great bunch of people, check out Nuts for Jericho Forum and Radio Free Jericho!

My thanks to Dvraddict for bring this to my attention :-) and to Darkcrystal for formulating the idea, and to all the Jericho Fans who are participating in this, and all the other great ideas being thrown out!


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