23 May 2007

Variety Ad fund all done

Well according to this forum post the ad in Variety is a go, I am so proud of everyone for all the hard work everyone is doing!
Here is the page to see how the donations stacked up, which should be updated later this evening.

I can not wait to see this baby, she will be so beautiful.

I have read that there are certain folks who remain nameless to us all, w ho have helped in our cause. Thank you so much.

Do you all know you have made history this week? We all have. I salute each and every person who has been a part of this effort, we all have worked together and made something that most say is impossible, more than possible.

and this just in , on the nutsonline website:

6:33 PM EDT - This just in from a source at CBS. CBS corporate is finally responding to onslaught. Details coming soon...Here we go folks!!!!
Yes, please please please, tell me you see your mistake and will give us back our show. We PROMISE TO BE GOOD, WE PROMISE TO WATCH CBS --- FAITHFULLY.
See, its in writing from me, that makes it official.

I will be back when the news, what ever it is comes in.......say your prayers folks.

argggggggggggggggggggggggg ( another update from nutsonline)

at 6:56 PM EDT - Oy...the details were different than what I expected. One of the contacts I made at CBS came out and confirmed the donation of the peanuts. From the article on the left, CBS spokesman Chris Ender estimated Wednesday that about 300 boxes of nuts ranging in size from three pounds to 10 pounds had arrived. "We've made arrangements for the bulk of the boxes to be picked up by Staten Island Project Home Front, an organization that focuses on fundraising and supporting military serving in Iraq and Afghanistan," Ender told wcbstv.com. "We've also made contact with the Bronx Zoo to see if they'd like some of these, as well as local homeless shelters and food banks." (wcbstv.com just updated this story) Jericho fans, this is still great news, but we need more...Looks like my previous comment might just have to become a reality.
I don't understand this, What is SOOOO Hard about this?

I am looking at this like a parent to a child. A parent normally can not allow the child to get away with throwing a hissy fit, when it wants something right?

But, and here is what I think is important - we are not stamping our feet for something we did not have, we are asking for something that was given to us, and then was taken away.

Come on CBS, make with the nice nice, let us hear the words we are all waiting to hear, and become HEROS to us!


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