22 May 2007

More Facts About Jericho:Inside The Numbers

This is quite a read for those who know the business, and I think a crack reporter might just like the way this info is layed out, clear , simple and too the point!
After reading this, I had to ask myself what was all this BS from CBS is about , if the viewer numbers if this totally shows the opposite ? Read on Warriors, and tell me what you think -
From: *name removed *

Date: 2007-05-22T23:15:48

I’ve been doing some extensive research during the past week, and we need to continue communicating the FACTS to the CBS executives regarding why they are being short-sighted and why it was a mistake for them to take JERICHO off the air. Word has it that the fan mail, the NUTS, the online petitions and the recent media blitz are helping tremendously, but we can’t stop now. This is the critical time for us to continue to show our support for JERICHO. Here are some additional interesting facts and findings for you to include in your ongoing communication to the CBS executives:

· Did you know that JERICHO was the #1 show on www.cbs.com? JERICHO was averaging over 450,000 hits a week on www.cbs.com... More than any other show out there. I’m sure the numbers have been even higher than this since the news hit about the show being canceled.

· Many people were downloading episodes of JERICHO that didn’t count toward the show’s demographic or rating. In fact, JERICHO was in the top most 25 downloads on www.itunes.com, not to mention that fact that JERICHO episodes were also being downloaded for free on www.cbs.com.

· JERICHO was consistently averaging 9-10 million viewers a week..This number never dropped. JERICHO DOES have a loyal fan base regardless of what the execs at CBS have been quoted saying in the press as of late.

· It was a mistake and poor judgment for CBS put JERICHO in the 8pm/7pm central time timeslot with no lead in (which means, no show in front of it). CBS wasn’t happy with JERICHO’s 18-49 demographic, but unfortunately, this is what happens when you put a show on at this time (and you know that all of the 18-49 year olds aren’t home).

· CBS’s poor scheduling choices didn’t help JERICHO. As a first year show, with no lead in, JERICHO was up against "Dancing with The Stars" & "American Idol." This certainly doesn’t seem fair, or a good way to calibrate how well JERICHO actually performed.. You really have to take the prime time reality shows out of the equation.

· There is a new way of watching TV and there should be a new way of measuring “ratings.” CBS doesn’t understand that 18-49 year olds have begun downloading shows and watching them via the Internet. By the way, as many of you know, this is a great way for advertisers to get their brands in front of viewers, especially since we we usually TIVO through these ads when we watch them on TV. More and more advertisers are looking for online television spots and in game advertising opportunities to reach their target audiences… This tremendous online audience (>450,000 hits a week) ofJERICHO’s cannot be ignored.

· CBS is being extremely short-sighted.. Don’t they know that by having such a huge online presence (via JERICHO), they could be perceived as a forward looking network and increase ad revenue at the same time? I guess it’s too difficult for them to change. In CBS’s eyes, everything has worked just fine for the past several decades..Well, not for long. Welcome to the world of online media, CBS. I would get out in front of this wave by renewing JERICHO and taking advantage of the online (and on-air) fan base instead of hiding behind what’s “safe.” I don’t think a Hugh Jackman musical TV show is “safe,” by the way.

· JERICHO beat out shows on other networks (shows that are coming back next season) ie: 30 rock, friday night lights, notes from the underbelly, biggest loser, etc. It’s difficult to believe that some of these shows were more popular than JERICHO. CBS says it is committed to “changing its image.” Unfortunately, JERICHO is suffering as a result of this transformation.

· One last factoid: The ratings that JERICHO put up on Wednesday nights at 8 pm were the best ratings CBS has seen in that time slot in SEVEN years. Yes, SEVEN years, people.

· Finally, this could be the most brilliant PR move of ALL TIME for CBS. Think about it… CBS has garnered more national (and international) press in the last week regarding the cancellation of JERICHO than it did with the announcement of its new shows for the FALL. This must tell CBS something. Could you imagine the BUZZ CBS would generate if it actually LISTENED to its fans, and put the show back on the air? “An unprecedented move by a conservative network that truly understands that its fans are #1”-- I’ll bet the show’s ratings would blow through the roof (online and on air), CBS would get the “feel good press” it desperately needs right now, the JERICHO fans would be satisfied, and everyone would be happy. Think about it…

CBS, please be smart and save JERICHO….

Now, I am not the author of this information however , this is something that has been posted in the forums as well.

So, CBS; what's the deal here?


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