30 May 2007

May 30th Save Jericho Effort

Hmmmmm..... wonder what is going on with me, why have I not posted yet and here it is 4:21 pm?

Well, I think there are many who had really thought that yesterday, when CBS got their lovely gift of 10,000 pounds of nuts they would have immediately thrown their hands into the air and screamed UNCLE!

No such luck hey fellow warriors?

Well, is there any new news about Jericho? Well, yes actually there is, and its really great reading, straight from IGN.com I present for you a glowing report, written in a fair hand. * wish all the reports were this fair to Jericho*

On the Nuts front *oh that was bad* we now find the tally for nuts purchased to be 29,484 pound total, for the amazing price of $41,323.00 and the total of money now saved for Greensburg Kansas is now at $6,070.00, wow folks you stopped surprising me last week, this is exactly what I would have expected from all of you :-)

I am listening to the most amazing music ( right now, I am in my ambient/new age mood) by Dueter. The album I am listening to is called East of the Full Moon, and the song is called "Moon Silvered Clouds". I listen to this whenever I feel a tad unbalanced, or like I am about to go into a nice wooer of a fit over something.
I am disappointed too that there was no reaction what so ever from CBS, but honestly did we really think we would get anything so soon?
Some on the forums are asking what to do if the reply is negative, I say that it wont be. I feel in my bones that CBS will see the best interests of their business is for them to let us have the show back. I just know that any business of any kind, has its own time schedule of how and when to do something. And I would say that there are probably so many different people involved in this whole thing that everyone has to weigh in on the subject.

Or I could be way off here, but I wont listen to that thought now.......*putting on my rose colored glasses again*

Be back later with some other posts and such that I have dug up.Oh yeah, forgot to say that I am watching all the episodes again today, have already watched the first 4. I am also a great one for re-reading my books too, over and over again...:-)


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