24 May 2007

Inside Bayarea -'Jericho' fans trying to save canceled show

Susan Young, columnist for Inside Bay Area writes today:
FANS OF "JERICHO" are going nuts.

In the season finale last week, Jake (Skeet Ulrich) was given an ultimatum from the neighboring town that Jericho must surrender or people would die in the battle.

"Nuts," says Jake, taking the line from a World War II story his grandfather told him. "Go to hell."

After CBS formally announced a schedule that left no doubt that "Jericho" was canned, a campaign began to get CBS to reconsider. In addition to petitions, fans are now sending nuts to network executives. By Tuesday, one site, http://www.nutsonline.com, had already shipped out 645 orders of more than 4,000 pounds of all kinds of nuts.

"Jericho" was a heartbreaker for me, knowing that spotty scheduling probably added to the death of a good series. It's nice to see some people out there screaming for a second chance.

Of course, CBS probably has no idea how to handle the idea that people can actually get up in arms over one of their shows getting dumped. Passionate fans have flooded networks such as the old WB and UPN — now CBS's network little sibling the CW — and certainly Fox has seen plenty of Save Our Show campaigns.

But CBS?

Not so much.

My mailbox has been flooded by fans still hoping to get CBS to reconsider their position. More than 66,000 people have signed a petition at http://www.petitiononline.com. The "Jericho" petition is the top one.

"This is not a high enough number to impress CBS or another (network) into bringing back 'Jericho,'" writes Lisa Coultrup. "We need more of the 8.2 million fans of 'Jericho' to know that we are staging a fight for the life of 'Jericho.'"

You can contact CBS through e-mail at audsvcs@cbs.com, or call CBS at (212) 975-3247.

We're pretty sure that CBS has closed the door on this show, but you never know.

Oddly enough, the only other show that I've been getting calls on has been the CBS series "Close to Home."

"In your piece on CBS fall programming, it looks like the show 'Close to Home' has been canceled," writes Phelps Euler of Manteca. "I was curious if it was indeed canceled."

Oops. Sorry for missing that.

"Close to Home" has been canceled.

One more hit across the bow, that is how I see each and every mention of this WAR to SAVE JERICHO in print of major news outlets.
okay, link for article fixed, sorry about that but the provided back link did not work, this one should be fine.


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