18 May 2007

folks at CBS forums warned to stop posting at other CBS forums

So, now NOW the ADMIN for the CBS forums has decided to come out and say something, and what it that?


While I dont condone bad behavior, I dont consider asking for help on the other forums as spam, and as such we are being told how to hold our protest as per CBS rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nope, wont happen that way, they could ignore us on the Jericho forums, and every where else but now we are ruining the party for their other shows, and that is making it uncomfortable for them


here is the link to my response to the CBS Admin2 who wrote the "warning"
here is the copy of what I wrote in case this message disappears as so many others are said to be doing -


A majority of us here do not condone bad behavior, and seeing that some comments have gotten out of control over there a tiny bit, I can agree with you in theory about this being "spamming",however this is a protest and as such can be conducted in any manner we the fans of Jericho see fit.

I will not go anywhere and be rude ( least I hope I was not being rude) I can go any where and ask help of the other viewers of CBS shows.

Here is what I think happened, CBS and you saw that it was a bit more disruptive when we went there to air our grievances
and that made it harder for you to a. ignore us AND b. keep the lid on how badly CBS has behaved in this whole thing.

Why did it take us giving you some problems at the other forums for you to come here and speak at all??????
I say to keep it up at the other forums, do it only one time for each person, do NOT be angry or nasty, state your case ask for their help and leave it at that.

If every viewer here did it one time per forum, that is a lot of messages.
Remember to keep it all polite and to simply ask for their support. THAT IS NOT SPAMMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I say keep posting to the other forums, be polite, ask for their support, do it only once. BUT keep doing it at each forum.

Anyway, that is my 2 cents.
And in other "news" from the forums

here is a link to a message from Michael Gaston to the fans

Dear JERICHO Fans and Friends,

Many of you have posted here that you're curious about how we are taking the cancellation and why we haven't posted anything in these boards. The fact is that most of us are devastated. I wouldn't dare try to speak for all of the cast and crew, but I can tell you that I've spoken to or exchanged e-mails with about 50 people from the JERICHO family and we are shocked and depressed by the networks decision.

I've been doing this kind of work for almost twenty years and I have never encountered a kinder, funnier, more dedicated and professional cast and crew in all of that time. One of our grips told me that in 33 years on the job he was never happier to leave his family and go off to work. It has been, unequivocally, my best professional experience.

Your support throughout the season and particularly since the cancellation has been very, very gratifying. You guys rock!

I know you never wanted Gray to be your Mayor, but I loved every minute of it!

Thank you all,

Michael Gaston

To Mr Gaston, I say that watching Gray was fun, he drove me nuts, and sometimes I wanted to smack him myself, and that sir is what makes you a GREAT ACTOR!!! We all hope to see you and everyone one else back SOON on the set of Jericho.

We need to be saving these links to each of the messages some how, there are literally millions now i think, so it will be tough, but it needs to be done; any idea IT people out there with suggestions on how to do this?

I will be back shortly with the petition update and some more of the various messages that are being posted over at the forums, as well as else where on the Internet.

keep fighting the GOOD FIGHT OF FAITH



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