25 May 2007

Fan on forum bets 5000 dollars against CBS, will they bite?

Probably not, in fact I think someone from CBS might just contact this person and tell them ( as I was told by some kind soul) that giving up something so personal as either family heirlooms ( my Lunar Mod Manual is still here) or great deals of money is plain crazy. But is that whats needed to show CBS how serious we are, crazy stunts and deals?
here is the link for this discussion at the forum -

I cherish this book I have here, its something I can't replace ever.... and I know it sounds crazy to others that I would give it up for a tv show. I recall being 6 or so, in class and one of the moon landings had just occurred, the teacher had it on the television ( probably CBS too) and I was so proud my Father was one of the people directly responsible for that!

War has cost's tho, right? :-)

It's a point as well- to show CBS how serious we are in wanting and needing our show and the right to great television content back.

I am involved in the greatest protest this country has seen since the 60s, and its thrilling. We are learning our voices are loud, and we can make change. I see this going on for other topics in the future, and I will be in on each and everyone as long as its something I feel strongly about.

Have you thought about what has been accomplished in just one week? Amazing, truly amazing. Every single person who has had a part in this should be proud!

If giving up a memory of mine shows CBS that I am deadly serious, than so be it. And obviously , another fan feels the same way, to the tune of $5000!

So, CBS are you in a gambling mood?

I know Vegas is gorgeous this time of year, man I loved living there. All that money, all the lights, the great sunrises and sunsets, and that beautiful desert. Wish I were going to be in Vegas.

time for the nightly totals of the nutsonline effort and the petition

nutsonline is now at 20003 pounds total ordered, a total value of $27296! Holy Moly people, we are serious about this aren't we?

The petition is now at 83,614 names. We will definitely be at 100,000 by Monday; I can feel it in my bones.

I will be back at about 7 am tomorrow with a daily run down on our mission orders. I also will be making Craig's list ads for any and all cities not covered by anyone else, that means Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, San Fransisco, Seattle, Boston, Cincinnati, Detroit, St.Paul, heck even Alaska. There are Jericho fans every where, and our job now is to inform any who might not know about the cancellation as soon as possible.

Okay, goodnight all, be good and God Bless


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