01 April 2009

TV Tonight ~ LOST

April 1st, 2006

Tonight is episode 11 of Lost ~ What ever happened, happened.

I just found the neatest website for LOST, the LOST wiki called Lostpedia :-) yeah, I know... like 5 seasons to late. Hey, give a lady a break, I have been doing the Jericho dance for so long I had forgotten there was other TV shows out there and I am just now beginning to catch up with everyone.

I missed last week due to illness, but from what I gather you all got to see Sayids back story.I am watching the episode via Hulu.com right now so I will be at least able to follow the story. I just want to make sure my Hurley stays okay, no harm better come to my Hurley.

I was thrown by the small boy who said he was Ben, and Sayid as an executioner? I don't blame the poor boy who did not want to kill the chickens, but for Sayid to step up and do it just shows how caring he is. Just like he tried to save his love in the beginning. I am interested in Ben and how he ran away to Richard but was sent back, he said to Sayid that he was being patient.

Wait! Sayid is a killer for Ben? What, why???? Oh the people who died at Sayids hands were all in Widmores organization, but still ... why?

And will Sawyer really drop Juliette for Kate? I hope not, that would be grossly unfair and stupid because that would possibly make it come out who they really are. And has Sawyer gotten too into his new life , making him forget what really happened on the island in the first place? Was the Dharma Initiative bad or good ? Too many questions , hopefully some will be answered tonight;-p.

Ben's Father is a jackass who mistreats Ben, so we can see why Ben wanted to run away to the others, the Hostiles. But did his fathers treatment culminate in his being a ruthless, cold hearted killer? More questions to be answered.

I held my breath when I saw William Sanderson , who plays Oldham the man who is the Dharma Initiative Sayid. Last time I saw him was back in the 80's in Newheart. I loved what he said when he drugged Sayid and heard Sayids comments on the future, "maybe I should have used half a dropper...oops!"

I also found out the fans are having a get together starting the 3rd of April, see this page for the Lost Weekend Get Together. This event is also being held in LA at the Hilton ;-p

I will be back later this evening with my thoughts on tonight's ep


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