04 April 2009

oak on a ridge at round valley

Dollhouse last night was exceptional and scary to me. Why? Well, I began thinking about some people whose lives seem to read like a novel of despair, with one thing after another happening and none of it good. Some times you will even find whole families suffering from what some call the generational curse.
When you can sit and write a time line of one bad event after another for a persons entire live that is exceptional odds, or someone is messing with your life.
Crazy I know, but still a thought to ponder at least.

Okay what was so great about last night? Well, the fact that they had me going until mid way through; thinking that Caroline and the others were really cognizant of who they really were and what was being done to them. That damn DeWitt, she is such a b***h, messing with peoples heads like she does and she enjoys it.
Topher, you dimwit you could be the saviour and give them all their memories back.
Poor Mellie, losing a child. Or did she? Were ALL the memories they each had in this episode fraudulent? Mellie out of all the Dolls seems so out of place, so not fitting. Going to keep an eye on her.

If I have to suffer one more comment from that misogynistic man of DeWitts, Mr. Dominic I will hurl something at my TV set ( I need a new one anyway) Can you tell I do not like him one bit? And its not that he hates Echo that gets under my skin, it is that he enjoys being a person of control and power over the dolls.
You would think in an organization such as this, doing what they do that Mental Evaluations would be priority one.

Wonder who the Spy is in the house? We will see next Friday.

I got to watch all of Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles last night and OMG was it good, but sad. What will they do with Sarah now? Back to the mental institution or worse? Now I have three shows I have to watch online from the beginning just to catch myself up, but its so much fun to do it! Next Friday is the Season Finale of Terminator so please put a reminder on your cable set, it will be good I am sure.

So wondering what it is about this photo that made me place it in the post today? I was sitting here wondering what it was in this picture that made me feel so sad, when it came to me... the Oak tree. There were some really beautiful Oak Trees up in the Trinity County area, one place in particular was a camp ground area in the area that my kids and husband and I stayed at for a few days, the air was perfect the days wonderfully filled with fun and love.

There are no Oaks here that even come close to the Oak in this picture or in my memories.

The crashing wave finally reaches peace as it breaks upon the land....
so our turbulent spirits find rest as we break upon the vast shoreline of God's love.

Janet Weaver Smith


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