02 March 2009

Gardening Green with your children

I love my garden and I am so happy it is now March. March here means that soon my plants will be blooming again and it will be time to spend outside tending the plants and flowers.
My youngest son loves to help me in the garden and is a really good worker who loves to help make sure the bugs do not eat all my flowers. I have a real bug problem here in my area and no doubt this year after such a wet winter it will be worse than years past.

I like the idea of children helping in the garden because it gives them a clear understanding of exactly how our food comes to the table and what is needed to have healthy food grown without the use of pesticides. Organic growing is becoming more popular so many children will now have the ability to learn how to properly raise their own food.

The more children we introduce to green gardening the better our future will be. This earth is not able to over come so many abuses and one big one for me is the use of pesticides. I have shown my children various ways we can keep the bugs from eating and destroying the plants, one way is through the use of organic bug control . These are bugs that kill off the bad bugs, and of course my son loves that.

One of our favourites beneficial bugs is the Preying Mantis, each year one or two will take up residence in the garden but I do need to have more I think. My kids love to watch the Mantis growing into adults and laying their own eggs. Last year we had a group of baby Mantis scrambling all over my steps and it was neat to watch them.

Another way to garden green is through the use of organic soaps. These are not harmful to the environment and if you check out SaferBrand.com you can find many different soaps and oils to use in your garden along with a wonderful selection of beneficial bugs. The benefits of organic gardening far outweigh both cost and time spent in the garden and if you have children this is another wonderful way you and they can spend quality time together doing something wonderful for your family and the environment.

Have fun gardening this year with your family! Please take a look at this video if your interested in green gardening.


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