13 March 2009

Dollhouse ~ True Believer

Tonight's episode is True Believer .

ahhhhhhhhhhh! This was a very well thought out episode, and I knew it had to be Lawrence. He has had a thing for Echo since episode 2 I think. I am so freaking out over the next episode, what will happen????

It was funny for Topher to get all freaked out over Victors reaction to Sierra in the showers. Learned behaviors, ah such fun to research. I think that between Victor and Echo we are watching the wipes become less and less effective over time.

Did you see the look Echo gave at the end of the show?

Eliza Dushku rocks at this character, I am scared that I will get attached and have this show taken from me like Jericho was. Well, I am already attached so please keep this show going!

I had not thought about doing the ratings on the show, but after being burned by the ratings scam and CBS I think I will post ~

Take from Zap2It.com ~

March 14, 2009 -

CBS stayed on top at 9 with "Flashpoint," 5.9/10. "Supernanny" delivered a 3.3/6 for ABC. NBC's "Friday Night Lights," 2.7/5, just edged out FOX's "Dollhouse," 2.6/4. The CW retained most of its audience with a repeat of this week's "America's Next Top Model," 1.2/2.

February 28, 2009 -

CBS stayed on top at 9 with "Flashpoint," 5.9/10. "Supernanny" delivered a 3.7/6 for ABC. FOX's "Dollhouse" earned a 2.6/5, on par with last week and tying for third in the hour with NBC's "Friday Night Lights." The CW ended its night with more "Chris" and "The Game."

Feb 21 2009 -

At 9 p.m., a repeat of "Flashpoint," brought CBS down to a 5.1/9, but still kept the network in front. ABC stayed in second with 3.5/6 for "Supernanny," and FOX was in third with a 2.7/5 for "Dollhouse," pretty much keeping most of its audience from last week's premiere. NBC's "Friday Night Lights" wasn't far behind with a 2.5/4, and the finale of The CW's "13: Fear Is Real" too a paltry 0.6/1.

Feb14 2009 -

At 9 p.m., "Flashpoint," brought CBS down to a 5.7/10, but still handily won the hour. ABC held on to second place with "Supernanny," and FOX was solidly in third with the much-hyped premiere of the new Joss Whedon series "Dollhouse," 2.8/5. A new episode of "13: Fear Is Real" mustered a mere 0.6/1 for The CW.

God, if you you were to see these ratings on CBS for a show, gah. But I take heart that I have been told FOX really goes for well written shows. What do you think?

If Facebook is any indicator of popularity, Dollhouse has over 22,000 fans already and each one loves this show. Whedon has a solid following, we fans adore him, his ideas and well once you have been struck by the Buffy and Angel bug you never return to this sucky reality.

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