13 February 2009

Dollhouse - Ghost * Ep.1 *

First impressions on Dollhouse ~

1. Is that the Wolfram and Heart offices redone ?????

Okay, I was hoping in my heart for the feeling of sameness ( I am a creature of habit and hate hate hate change) but the very nature of the story means that change will occur each episode.

I liked the change, and I really liked Eliza's character Echo. What is up with Amy Ackers character, Dr. Suanders? Her face is scarred so we will get that back story soon I am sure but is she also one of the oblivious ones who run this company or is she a good guy?

When we see Echo wandering the halls in a Thorazine like state its as the story is about to get deep with why Echo is even in this organization but the story moves into what ever character Echo plays too fast.

What I liked -

That we get to see a constantly evolving story line for Echo so it will never be predictable. Echo is not Faith, but surprisingly she is better than Faith is many ways and will be an awesome person to get to know better. Eliza did a great job at melding the tough with the sweet.

It is going to take me some time to get to know the other characters in the show but I see strains of Zander in Topher ( played by Fran Kranz ) I think his style will fit well into the story but I do hope his character will be able to grow more.

What I did not like so much ~

There might be too many characters to pay attention to all at once, which means not being able to spend quality time on the story line for the main characters, Echo and Tanaka ( played by Mark Sheppard).

Over all I will bet Dollhouse is a winner and that we will be seeing a refined story as the weeks go by. As with any new series we have to get to know the folks in the story, let them become familiar to us before we can really decide how we like the show.

And in case you missed or want to watch again you can see the first episode here below or check it out at Hulu.com here.


Season 1 : Ep. 1|50:15||
Eliza Dushku stars as a member of an illegal group who have had their personalities wiped clean so they can be imprinted with new personas.


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