26 January 2009

Eagles: Companions for Life

As I get to watch the Eagle's at the lake near my home I become more interested in their behaviors. I post a photo the other day of two of the three standing on the ice. They stayed there for hours with the larger ( female?) of the three flying off when ever some one drove too near. ( The road goes all around our tiny lake so we are not very far from the center of the end of the lake where our boat dock is )

Someone asked me what the Eagles might be doing just standing there and I believe in my uneducated opinion that due to their fishing habits I have seen at the lake earlier that they were in face waiting for fish to pop up near the surface of the ice where small circles of unfrozen water was.

I wondered if my theory was correct and went in search of more information on these awesome birds.The most know fact I think concerning Eagles is the fact that they mate for life, unless a mate is lost to a death. The funny thing to me about that is, I do not know anyone who has mated for life except my parents and a few of my Aunts and Uncles.

And today when I was at my Uncles Dick' Blog ( Dick Summer Connection) his post had much to do with mating for life. He truly loves and adores my Aunt and I know the feeling is mutual for LWW ( Lady Wonder Wench as she is called by her adoring hubby the Pilot)

Can we as a species say that a million years from now we will be monogamous as the eagles are? I would lay money on the fact that no matter how the eagle evolved the one thing that will never change is that they mate for life.

This I believe is the best thing we can attain to, for that coupling is where our strength comes from just as it does for the American Bald Eagle.

To read more on the American Bald Eagle please refer to this website - American Bald Eagle Info and if you want a great daily read that will make you laugh and think check out Dick Summer Connection, especially if y ou are of the Louie-Louie Generation!


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