18 December 2008

JEBS Announcement ~ Week of December 17th 2008

From The JEBS System Announcement ~

I have attached my latest post on the UHD Board. Yes I tend to be long winded but we have an opportunity to build a business case right now. We have to keep people grounded and let them know that it takes a lot of hard work and determination to build from the grass roots level up.

We have had over a million consistantly the past 3 weeks, we have almost 1.1 million views on the CBS Youtube playlist, almost 15,000 posts on UHD Board and Netflix rentals of Jericho have grown. I need to know if anyone is a member and if so can they send me the exact stats as they post on the netflix site.

I know many of you have a lot of things going on for the holidays, personal issues, job issues and several are working on the upcoming Welcome Home to Jericho event in April in Los Angeles. But I do need your help, just spreading the word that Jericho is back on and doing the Feedback forms and letters/cards really helps the cause.

We are building a business case and the goal is to have the numbers looked at in total by CBS, NBC and other executives. In the end it may not be enough to warrant a movie which is the best bridge we can hope for for a new season but at least we can make one hell of an impression regarding what one small consumer group can do if it works together.

I want to wish you all a Happy Holiday Season, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your familes.

thanks as always


December 15, 2008

Hello Fellow Rangers

The latest ratings numbers came into today with Jericho garnering 1.09 million (up 240,000) in the 7:30 slot following overlap from football.

On November 20, 2008 CBS Paramount announced Jericho would be returning to commercial television on Sunday nights at 7:00pm on the CW. At first everyone was so excited about the prospect of Jericho returning to commercial television but that excitement has been temped in the past several weeks as ratings which originally were at 1.25 million on November 30 have dipped to 1.09 million as of last nights' episode on December 14, 2008.

They put Jericho on at 7:00pm in the East opposite NFL Football cross over from 4:00pm games and opposite CBS 60 minutes which millions have been watching for years and continue to do so.

There is a reason that Networks do not put on new episodes of shows during the Thanksgiving to New Years Holiday Season. Most people are too busy with normal everyday things on top of holiday shopping, school functions for children and holiday parties and functions. In addition, the NFL playoff stretch run is in December and so each game, many in the prime time slot of 4:00pm are critical and you will not see people turn on Jericho or any show until the game is done.

I know I have had several posts and emails to folks where I mention that this is all about the numbers and it is. We have been tracking the numbers and have provided them to Nancy Tellem at CBS and Bonnie Hammer at NBC.

Jericho has had over 1 million viewers for 3 straight weeks far out performing the shows it replaced. It has done this with no promotion or marketing from CBS or the CW other than a few promos on the CW. We also need to keep in mind that the show has been cancelled twice and has been off the air for 9 months.

Youtube views of the Season1 episodes went from 1,000 on November 8, 2008 and by December 12 have grown to 1, 075,000. The numbers have slowed on the meters. We believe there is something wrong with them and have tried to contact Youtube/Google but with little success. Also there were terrible storms in the North East the past week that also accounts for some of the drop off as well as colleges now being out for the winter break.

Now is not the time to panic or give up. Now is the time that we need to work twice as hard.

Getting new people to watch on the CW and on Youtube is key. We are building something from the ground up which takes time and commitment. UHD posts continue to climb and we are almost at 15,000 posts up from 8,000 on November 14.

How do we ensure that we are heard, that we are counted and that the Network executives at least have something to consider. We follow the plan we the fans came up with back in November. It sounds simple and it is. Writing letters and cards and sending them out on Mondays and Thursdays is important as is completing the Feedback Forms for CBS, the CW and the local CW network affiliate. Going to IMDB each day, renting Jericho on Netflix and buying DVD's all add to the numbers.

Remember we are building a business case to produce a Jericho movie and maybe down the road more Jericho episodes. We are dealing with business people and financial people and they are looking at the numbers. CBS, NBC and whoever else is looking at Jericho know all the things the show is stacked up against. Jericho is on UHD, the CW, Hulu, Fancast Youtube and many other places and continues to draw interest and the networks have people tracking all of those numbers as well.

The simple fact that reruns of a twice cancelled show that has been off the air for 9 months continues to draw 1 million plus people on Sunday nights opposite football on a network where it is hard to find and opposite 60 Minutes along with the strong Youtube and Netflix numbers has got to have peaked the curiosity of the numbers people. The economy continues to decline and ad revenue and available revenue to produce new shows continues to drop. With hours of programming to fill, they have to be looking at Jericho.

I am convinced that once NFL Football hits the playoffs in January there will be less intrusion into the 7:00pm schedule and with the Holidays also ending we should see an uptake in the ratings.

Things in life do not come easy, it takes hard work, sacrifice and most importantly determination to overcome any and all obstacles to achieve a goal. We all want Jericho to continue so we need to continue to spread the word, watch the CW and UHD, send in Feedback Forms and write our letters and cards. When we get tired or sick of the fight we need to take a break and come back at it again and again.

This past summer we watched Michael Phelps blow away the Olympic record for most gold medals. All we saw was the qualifying and medal races in the individual events. What we did not see was the hours upon hours of training in and out of the pool and the personal sacrifices Phelps had to endure to make the 2 to 3 minutes we shared with him look so effortless.

Many of you have other things going on the your every day lives form worries about your job and the economy to all the things associated with the holidays. I am asking that everyone do what they can and little bit extra to help promote the show.

We need to stay the course and Keep the Faith.


Operation Phoenix
Jericho Rises from the Ashes
Campaign Outline

Part 1
we need to continue to write to Bonnie Hammer, during the UHD tv ad run. And we need to keep a presence on the UHD Board. Letters out en mass every Monday.

Ms. Bonnie Hammer
President USA and Sci Fi Networks
NBC Universal Inc.,
30 Rockefeller Plaza,
New York, New York 10112

Part 2:

We need to go to IMDB as often as we can during the entire run of the show


Part 3:

We need to mobilize every Ranger we can find and start to get the word out that Jericho is on CW at 7:00pm Eastern. We will be dealing with Football through January so we need to really get the word out.

Face Book, My Space and Craig's List, we need every Ranger to hit this hard, lets strat spreading the word.

We are also looking to include, flyers, bumper stickers, car and truck signs, posting to bulleting boards and places where people congregate. Jericho is back on CW network Sunday nights at 7:00pm. Dawn and others are looking to design posters and Cher is looking to do posters and Bumper stickers/T-Shirts. They could use some help.

Part 4:

Watching Jericho each week live so we can get Nielsen numbers. We need to focus in on getting people in front of their sets each Sunday at 7:00pm.

Part 5:

After watching each episode we need to send CBS and CW Feedback like never before.

CW Feedback Form http://cwtv.com/feedback/comments

CBS Feedback Form http://www.cbs.com/info/user_services/fb_global_form.php

Find Local CW Affiliate Form http://cid-ab5f4eb663bc6e9f.skydrive.live..../CW%20affliates

Part 7:

Cards and Letters out to Nancy Tellem at CBS Paramount each Monday morning

Ms. Nancy Tellem
CBS Paramount Network Television
4024 Radford Avenue
Studio City, CA 91604

Part 8:

Letters and cards to Dawn Ostroff at the CW and Letters, cards and emails go to D'arcy Rudnay at Comcast-each Thursday morning

Ms. Dawn Ostroff
The CW Television Network
4000 Warner Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91522

Ms. D'Arcy Rudnay
Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications
Comcast Corporation
One Comcast Center
Philadelphia, PA 19103


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