22 November 2008

Kentucky Fans and others, do you really want to send a positive message to the CW ?

Below follows a message I have posted at JNet tonight, and I wish to re post it here because honestly this is a very serious matter if you really want to send a positive message to the CW and maybe , maybe get a movie or new season in the future.......

Hi everyone ~

I read on another post made on JNet that contains ( link ) some very sobering issues. I highly suggest you read this post and take it all in because the truth is there about where Jericho can possibly go from here.

The thing that stood out most for me was the fact that IF WE DO NOT GET FANS in the seats there will be no message sent to CW.

I am going to post this on my blog, but also wanted to reach out one more time to ANY AND ALL Kentucky fans who would like to help get the word OUT NOW about Jericho being on the CW. * I will also work with any other fans on ANY ideas to get the word out to people, as long as it is an idea that is more than Internet dealings, we HAVE GOT TO HIT THE STREETS! *

We can make posters and take them to the local Libraries, the local Universities ( who always have community boards in many locals on campus) coffee houses, where ever you have ever seen a announcement board.

I am open to any and all ideas

I will commence with re sending a PR of some sort either my own, *god help us, :-p * or one made for this purpose to all the local and state news papers as well as all military news if that is deemed appropriate.

I will also call the local CW stations this week and ask them how I can get the word out with their help ( long shot I know , but you wont know until you ask, right?)

I just need to know who in Kentucky is a fan, who knows of fans..... I hope we can get our fannies together some how and do this right .

thanks for letting me say my piece here



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