25 November 2008

Operation Phoenix ~ List of All US CW Stations

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Tonights post concerns two things, a list of ALL the CW stations so that all you great fans can do your thing and write them before and after each episode.
The other item is the note about Operation Phoenix....

First , the list of the CW stations is too large to place here in large type, but I will place as a link from the top bar to a page for its own home as far as my blog. I also believe it will be housed at JerichoNet if I am not mistaken. You can find it and all the other information you need to help us with this newest move for Jericho at JerichoNet2.com.
If I can manage it , will copy to text for here as well.

Second ~ Operation Phoenix

I read Rich from Copy Right Inc.'s article date November 24, 2008. I have also received many emails over the past few days and have seen posts on the CW and here at UHD.

I will say that I agree with several of his points. The first is DVD sales are a must. I went to Target on Sunday and noticed that Jericho was not even available in the store.

Back in March, General Patton, Clark and several others stated that we need to focus on boosting DVD sales. They were right, as part of this campaign I think we need to try and boost DVD sales.

This Christmas, money is tight for many but we need to get folks to buy the DVD's. As part of being measured and counted we need to show the business people at CBS/Paramount that there is still a demand for Jericho DVD's. We do not need a major increase but if sales jump during the 29 week run then we are adding to

Jericho Rangers for our Troops and Project Homefront, local libraries, local colleges and universities and schools are always looking for donated materials. If you can, try and buy just one set and donate it. Also new fans coming on Board will add to the numbers. This and the cost of stamps and paper and ink printing up flyer's should be the only money we spend on this campaign.

I am working on a local project to help out the local VA hospital and will be donating items to help put together Christmas stockings. I will be donating a copy of Jericho as well to the 2 local VA Hospitals in my area.

This is an area where the International Fans can be very helpful. Since they can not get the CW and watch each week they can write to Nancy Tellem, Dawn Ostroff and most importantly, buy DVD's and donate them as gifts as well.

Remember the focus is simple, we are not looking to spend a lot of money, no more raising funds for large campaigns, First and foremost we are trying to deliver simple plain Nielsen Numbers, putting fannies in the seats in front of television sets each Sunday.

In the end this will be a business decision made by business and finance people. If the numbers hit the mark they have set then they will get a movie done to test the waters to see if the show is still viable. If that movie hits the numbers they are looking for then another movie or possibly a Season 3 will come.

CBS Paramount, NBC Universal and the rest of the Network television understand that television has changed and more importantly how and where advertisers spend their money has also changed. NBC Universal owns USA, Bravo, MSNBC, Sci-Fi for instance because they know that each channel hits a particular target market and are trying to keep their percentage of ad revenue intact b

The Internet, Itunes and DVR numbers are well known to CBS Paramount and from that perspective they knew they had a viable product. Now we need to get people to their TV sets each Sunday. This is old school television watching for now.

As I said in the launch of the Campaign, this is different than any Campaign we have undertaken before, Our Goals are simple, we need to get people to sit down and watch Jericho on the CW, right now we are focusing on getting the word out that the show is starting with the Pilot on November 30, 2008 on the CW at 7:00pm EST.

Flyer link:

Once the show starts we need to send CBS and CW Feedback via the Feed back forms.

CW Feedback Form http://cwtv.com/feedback/comments

CBS Feedback Form http://www.cbs.com/info/user_services/fb_global_form.php

We are also sending our letters and cards to Nancy Tellem (CBS Paramount) and Bonnie Hammer (NBC Universal) each Monday and to Dawn Ostroff (CW) and D'Arcy Rudnay at Comcast each Thursday. The purpose is 2 fold, one make a business argument to continue the show and the second is to get our collective voices recorded and counted. We are dealing with finance and numbers people plain and simple.

The current economic situation in the world is also a driving force in the entertainment industry. With credit getting tighter and businesses retrenching, advertising dollars are shrinking and advertisers themselves are looking to get the best bang for their buck, no different then people right now looking extra hard for bargains in their everyday lives on things from heating oil to clothes and food. Each nickel counts and so too does it with advertisers.

This is where I disagree with Rich's article. CBS Paramount could have chosen any show to put on the CW, from repeats of the Ghost Whisperer to Swingtown to CSI or NCIS repeats.

The fact is they put on Jericho for 29 straight weeks. With the loyal and some would say rabid fan base and all that comes with it, why would CBS want to willingly take on that headache again.

The only logical answer is that the show is a commodity that they are looking at as a known entity with a proven track record that can be retooled for a lower cost. It is a known versus the unknown of another new pilot which requires a significant capital outlay to produce with no way of knowing if it will be watched or not.

Think of it as their decision to buy a pre-owned vehicle rather than a new vehicle. They know there is mileage on the engine, but it looks like there may be a lot of miles left, they are taking it out for a test drive. As salespeople we simply need to let the car sell itself.

In the end we need to sit back, enjoy watching the show each week, post threads each week on UHD and CW (if it is up and running) and enjoy the additional life that Jericho has earned.

As many have said we made History, not just because we sent a few tons of nuts but because with Jericho we as a community have helped transition television into the digital media age where programs with significant core following are now being looked at as viable markets for television programming.

Just think about this, the show has been cancelled twice but yet the show will still be airing on a major commercial Network into 2009. Who would have thought that 3 weeks ago.



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