08 October 2008

More On SAG Strike ...

At the New York Movies Examiner the following ~

AMPTP’s offer will remain on the table till October 18; when SAG will meet and decide whether to bring strike authorization as a viable option to its membership. Due to the economic downturn lately many were scared that the AMPTP would take back their offer, but it is obvious that they won’t be offering SAG a better deal than they are offering now. With corporations like Disney and CBS still trying to recover from the WGA strike and the current economic situation it seems unlikely that they will be budging to SAG demands.

If a strike authorization is voted for it does not exactly mean that SAG will strike, but that is a very likely possibility; a move to gain some leverage. This move to call in a vote for strike authorization may not be the smartest thing to do though; those who support SAG’s fight are going to be suffering just as badly as the AMPTP and the entertainment corporations. A strike would halt all current movie and television production till the situation is resolved and with the economy the way it is the loss of jobs may not gain them many supporters.
So now we find we will have to wait until the 18th to know whether a strike will occur. I still say that at this time a strike seems so counterproductive. Lets be honest, after the last few weeks the big lesson here is ( for me anyway) the BIG BOY CORPORATIONS are never going to play fair with those they deem below them. This statement at the report in the Hollywood Reporter says it clearly ~

The AMPTP has said it's "unrealistic for SAG negotiators now to expect even better terms during this grim financial climate. This is the harsh economic reality, and no strike will change that reality."
They if they are anything like AIG and the rest do have the money to use to satisfy this issue, its just one someones wall in the form of a High Price Painting or maybe its in someones garage in the form of a nice Rolls Royce, who knows.


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