30 September 2008

Emails and Attachments Making A Mess of Your Inbox, Missing PST Files?

Since I have joined the Save Jericho Campaign in 2007 my email inbox went from being a docile lamb to the bearer of hundreds of emails each morning. I want to be able to say I am one who is on top of archiving all her emails into their proper folders, all earmarked appropriately to subject and sender; but I can't. I am an email slob period.I want, no need a Software Company to do the archiving for me some how and now I think I have found a solution to my laziness, Sherpa Software.

Sherpa Software has a multitude of software choices to help manage all sorts of different issues, PST files, emails and the attachments that accompany them.PST files are the worst for me, when I try to save them myself I always end up with either a bad file or missing file. It would be great to have a company provide me with a way to handle this so that my important information is not lost. I have an external drive but that does not mean much if the files are damaged or lost.I have an external drive but that does not mean much if the files are damaged or lost. With Sherpa Solutions, managing your PST files is easy, they give you the ability to locate the files, search them for various key words, and even delete files if need be.

Sherpa has been helping many of the Fortune 100 Companies to keep a handle on their emails and PST files successfully and if they can provide these companies with the legal means to protect files they can help you too. Sherpa also provides software answers for how to best archive the emails, delete any attachments not needed and thereby decreasing the amount of man hours spent in doing this work, freeing your coworkers to get back the business of business.
I know that I spend far too many hours each day dealing with my emails, so I would love to have this software available for me. If I ever go back to Windows I will look into getting it.


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