03 June 2008

History Starts Now ~ Radio Campaign @ JerichoNet2.com

As posted at JNet by DarkCrystal, It's Back!!!
Our Mission:
We need to call our local or national radio station that takes dedications, within our reach, and dedicate any of the following songs to the people of Save Jericho and Save Moonlight TV Show Campaigns ( or we can dedicate it to the 'Moonrangers of Jericho and Moonlight".

Here are the songs:
“Calling You” by Blue October (Moonlight)

“World” by Five For Fighting (Jericho)

“Into the Ocean” by Blue October (Moonlight)

“Tick, Tick, Tick, Boom” by The Hives (Jericho)

What are we doing this for?

I will repost what Darkcrystal posted at JNet so I don't mess up the original idea :-)

This idea originally came
towards the end of the Save Jericho Campaign, and was resurrected once
again for the Watch Jericho Campaign and with the help of some fellow
fans, has been retooled for this new purpose. This particular effort
can continue on long after the shows are potentially renewed. It’s that

Formerly called the Nothing
Compares 2 U Song Dedication Campaign, (but because the song and the
artist have a tendency of causing violent reactions in people...(the
History Starts Now Song Campaign is designed to promote Jericho (and
now Moonlight) in a fast, inexpensive easy way that everybody
participate in, nationally and Internationally. It launched originally
with successful results while trying to get Jericho back, but was cut
short by the announcement of its return. It also ran during the days
previous to the first airings, and during the Watch Jericho Campaign,
all with moderate results. Many of the people who are potential
watchers of both shows, are not internet savvy, or may not want to get
involved in the online race. Many don’t even know the shows are
cancelled. This is a chance to reach out to them. You may not listen to
radio, but they do.

We cut down on the number of
songs from previous, and added in the commonly tracked ones from
Moonlight. This may not directly and immediately promote our sites, but
it gets curiosity piqued, and eventually will lead to further
investigation on the end of the DJ’s. In addition, this full on hit
will include extensions to talk radio, which can potentially lead to
media attention. These songs are also tracked by Billboard. If enough
dedications and airplay is increased for these songs, that too, will be
noticed by the media.

For the rest of the scoop on this Campaign, please see this link for more info!

And please remember to check daily at JNet for all the newest ideas , laughs, and best of friendships~


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