17 March 2008

Return of Gail to Jericho - Sedition ~ Episode 6

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Well, I am getting so excited to see our 'Mom' again! Tomorrow night, Gail returns to Jericho to find her sons and the others are in deep water with Major Beck. I am going to lay my bets now that she will not be bringing him cookies, will she????

It is exciting to think we are about to see Gail again, as she is such a very important character to so many fans, and such a nice person as well, but I am also a bit sad because we are now down to two.
I find myself wondering what is going on now at CBS HQ, and wish they would put us out of our misery, let us know for a fact that the show will return to the eye for a Season Three.

I have to be honest, I have been sitting on the boards reading the posts for the last few days, and find myself feeling so bad about the mood of some. I want to tell them not to worry, that in my heart I know we will have a new season , but how can I do this? If I had to point out the one flaw of CBS right now it is that they once again seem to want to wait to make an announcement to the fans, which is why the flames are being kicked up. It is a bit of an insult to the fans to be held at bay like this. We know that the decision to keep or give up Jericho is not going to be made , it has already been made. So, I respectfully request that CBS at least let us enjoy the last two shows, give us a mood stabilizer and tell us its saved or gone and put us out of our misery, please.
This way, we can all just sit down and go along in the story alongside our favorite characters without planning in the back of our minds.

As for me, I am going to continue to have faith, but either way I will be having fun tomorrow night. I won't be worrying over how to promote the show, or what our ratings will be. I know how great this story is, how wonderful the cast and production team is so I have to know CBS knows this now as well.

That is my advice to all the fans, relax and enjoy the great shows coming our way. This will all work out.


many thanks to jericho fan terocious for the heads up on this:
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