21 March 2008

Hollywood Reporter - Jericho Cancelled

Canceled, that is SUCH a harsh word, like DIVORCED or FIRED.

CBS Cancels 'Jericho'
CBS has nuked "Jericho." ( emphasis mine)

Producers have been told the show is ending its run on the broadcast network, sources said.

CBS will air the season finale on Tuesday with an ending that helps give closure to fans.

Okay, so you have it there in black and white. CBS did not come to us, face to face. They leaked it to a Hollywood paper. After ten months and more of support by thousands of fans, thousands of man hours of support in too many ways to describe here, exposure any other network would kill to have, they did not come to us and tell us.
According to the report " CBS declined comment, though a formal announcement is expected later today. "

Yep, I am about to get my pink slip so to speak from CBS. No they never hired me, no they never asked me to write a blog about their show for over 16 months, but I did.
I did so with every ounce of my being. I admit that lately, I have been tired, tired of working endlessly, of watching my friends (all of the Rangers) at the boards work their asses off to support the show, the network really.

We accounted for MILLIONS of page views, for each and every single advertisement they showed, each time we opened a page we made CBS money. Not pocket change either. We downloaded, printed, wore, Jericho items. We spoke about it so much our throats were dry. We made websites, fan sites, blogs, pownce mentions, facebook groups, twits on Twitter. Hell, I bet somewhere on a few trains, one will see Jericho spray painted!

Am I mad? Yeah, but after the last 24 hours I am beat. But I am not down for the count, I am just regrouping and then I will be back to the effort, what ever that may be.

What makes this okay in my books? Junction Entertainment.

For Junction Entertainment I would do it all over again in a New York minute. The cast , crew and creative team are awesome. You all made it so worth it, and I will do what ever I can to support what ever you all do in the future. You gave me some of the best tv and the most fun I have had in a very long time. You are responsible for my meeting so many awesome people from all over the world.
You have given me my very own Spy to watch and love, never was into spy stuff until I met Hawkins. You gave me some totally wonderful couples to remember for all time, Stanley and Mimi I will never forget them. You gave me great memories.

Now I aim to go about making new memories, who is with me?

Funny story by the way
while i was on my way to read the Hollywood Reporter , on the very page with the story on Jericho, what do you think popped up? A Nielsen Net Ratings survey, and it wanted to know if I wanted to participate!?

Thank you for visiting THR! Nielsen//NetRatings is conducting a survey for us, and we’d like you to participate. Your feedback is very important to helping us provide you with the best possible experience visiting our web site. The survey should only take 10-15 minutes of your time.

Nielsen//NetRatings is a marketing research company interested only in your opinions. We are not selling anything. Any information you provide us will be grouped anonymously. Please visit our privacy statement to learn more about how we use the information you provide us.

Did i take it? YOU BET I DID!!!!


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