09 February 2008

Measuring Time As A Jericho Ranger - A Guest Post

With my screen name being MikesMom, I assume it’s obvious I have a son named Michael. This weekend the light of my life turns nine. Michael is what’s commonly referred to as some as a “gamer”, simply meaning he loves video games. Outside of school, this is his enjoyment, he is also a huge fan of the cartoon character Pokemon, so much so at times I think it borderlines on obsession (can’t imagine where he gets that from).

To get Michael’s attention while he is “gaming” it takes a special trick…from anywhere in the house, just say “Pokemon”, and he is at full attention - it works, so I use it. The other day I was on the computer just replying to some threads and I heard Michael say “Jericho”. I immediately turned and said “what?” His reply, “Mommy, I was saying Mommy but you didn’t answer, so I figured I’d give that a shot”. Sad thing is, it worked. When did this happen? This gave me cause to reflect on my days as a Jericho fan in the last nine months.

“But when CBS canceled "Jericho" last May”.

“Last May”.To a Jericho Ranger, those words mean a lot more than to the average reader. Every time I read these two words as they appear in the many articles that are popping up covering Jericho’s return, it makes me chuckle. Nine months is a long time no matter who you are, where you are or how you look at it. But, to a Jericho Fan, this particular nine months represents a time period full of emotion; disappointment, rejoice, speculation, happiness, friendship, achievement, togetherness, anger, excitement, first’s and most of all change. If ever there were a time period in my life to review, this would be by far the most challenging. As a mother, I have been able to watch over the years as my son experiences change and his firsts; first lost tooth, first bike ride, first grief, first friend, so many. But as an adult with life in full swing, time does not allow me the luxury to pay much mind to my firsts anymore or an opportunity to experience change much – these nine months changed that.

Here are some things I have realized for myself when reflecting on these nine months: I can make a difference as one person adding to the power of numbers. I can now understand the draw to a message board and online community. I can function the next day on only 4 hours of sleep 5 days in a row..but not for long. I can have friends all over the country without even knowing what they look like. I can work the word “ya’ll” into my vocabulary, though you get some looks here in NY. I am by no means limited to a particular age group of people I enjoy time with. I am willing to spend hundreds of dollars to travel to Oakley, Kansas I can feel loyalty and care as much for an online friend as one in real life. I can call a radio station, (though I should rethink doing it on New Years Eve). I can quickly tell you what time it is in every part of the country at any given moment. I can type faster than ever before. I no longer think the phrase “sticks and stones will break my bones, but words can never hurt me” is accurate, and further think it is need of a serious review.

It is difficult not to sit here and smile while looking at the calendar. In only 3 short days we will realize the results of our efforts as a group of fans. An accomplishment that will be referred to by many, serve as a precedent for years to come and will change the way things are counted. We contributed to making a major network rethink their decision to cancel a television show. Simply put, WOW. I feel so proud to have been any part of that. It is equally as difficult not to reflect on this time from a personal view, I am happy my son gave me the incentive to do that.

The Grateful Dead said it best; “Lately it occurs to me what a long, strange trip its been.”

Thank you Michael for giving Mom cause to reflect and appreciate what I have learned here during these nine-months.. Thank you Kystorms for trusting me with your blog for a few days.

Time is not measured by the passing of years but by what one does, what one feels, and what one achieves.
Jawaharlal Nehru

Many thanks to MikesMom for guest posting for me here, I am very grateful to all my friends for all the support and love they share with me.


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