11 December 2007

Jericho Season 2 ~ Some thoughts

Remember this video, the Thank You video from the cast, writers and crew that was shown at Comiccon this last July? I do. If you watch it again ( or are seeing it for the first time here) I am willing to bet the Richmond Ranch that the same fire to promote Jericho I feel will also be burning in your hearts as well.

So, what do you think we have to look forward to in the very first episode of Season Two on February 12th? Well, looking at the video I see we are in for some high levels of excitment from the writers and actors for one thing, but we are also in for some awesome tv.

We are so lucky, we fought to save the show and we accomplished that, now all we have to do in order to get a Season 3 is take the time we have from now until February 12th, and do the most intense promotion we can muster out of ourselves.

Here are a few links from the boards to get started with ( in case you are feeling a bit drained from the wait of all these months)

For the new fan just hitting the CBS Boards ( forums) for the first time here are a few essential threads to begin with ~

  • Baileys, The Place Where Everyone Knows Your ScreenName
    • Now this is where you can go and have a drink, be with your fellow Jericho Rangers
    • in peace * but watch that Mary Bailey, she can get a tiny bit testy some times, something about her show...... but you will always be welcomed when you come by.
  • Welcome Back Ranger
    • This thread is mostly dedicated to the 'returning' Jericho Fans, but is of great value to all of us. It its a primer or reminder of how to reconnect for the upcoming Season on February 12th 2008! It also reminds us that we need to be spending our Jericho time wisely, and visiting all the various threads beyond the General Comments, such as the Mythology and Residents Folders and of course, lets all check out the fan fiction folder too.
  • Also , please remember that we have a News Letter, The Jericho Times, which can be found by going to www.JerichoTimes.com
  • For the brand new fans the thread New member forum tutorial has great pointers to getting around the Jericho Forum.
I saved for last what will turn out to be the most used folder come Feb 12th in my opinion, the Season 2 Folder
Here is where all the juicy talk will be about what we all think is going on with in the story. ( or, who we think Jake will really end up with ** Heather**)

I will add more to this post by writing more highlights of the boards in a few days. I hope that this will help the new fan find their way, and the returning fan to see they were very missed!


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